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What's that big star in the northern sky, Butch?
According this, Ethan, it's not a star... It's actually the planet Venus.
Say, are you just making that up because the Venus de Milo statue has no arms and you're playing me for a fool?

by edoggydog

by edoggydog
I spray 'em, you splay 'em!
Try again.
I squirt 'em, you dirt 'em!
I wet 'em, you Jimmy Fredette 'em?

by edoggydog
Well, this Bethpage Black was a very tough course, but I got through it.
Although, I did go through a sleeve of golf balls!
Losing three balls isn't so bad.
I'm talking a long-sleeved shirt type of sleeve!
Oh, snap!

I'm not too sure about this...
It'll be fine... I hear these natives are friendly.
In fact, VERY friendly.
They wouldn't happen to be the Cocksucking Watoozi tribe I read about in that pamphlet at the hotel, would they?
There's only one wonderful way to find out!

♫ ♫ I'm singing in the acid rain... Just singing in the acid rain... ♫ ♫
♫ ♫ What a glorious burning feelin' ♫ ♫
♫ ♫ I'll never see my three layers of dermis again ♫ ♫

Wow, grandpa... The cops beat the **** out of the African-American!
Niggers gotta learn, Susie!
That's pretty racist, grandpa.
It is?
Everyone knows ******s can't learn!
I've taught you well, Susie!

Okay, you got me here... Now what?
We wait!
For what?
Halloween, silly!
That's like five months away!
I know! Can't you feel the excitement???

I love drinking a cup of my World's Famous Coffee in this room when the sun shines through the window just right...
If, my arms weren't so short, I'd masturbate to it until I came five, nay, ten times!

What do you mean you've rewritten script for this comic?
"Joe Blough is complaining that there's not enough mysogeny in any of the entries."
Why is acting like such a *****?
Careful... He may quit and change his name again.
And, yet atomiclunch keeps chugging along.

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