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by 98Trova_Yuli03
When I was a child I met the love of my life, I was sure that if it was, I still remember when I met her, it was when I played soccer, there she was, among the spectators.
Hi, my name is Alfonso
hey, nice to meet you, I'm Brenda
That day I was very tired, so I sat down, and I thought about how lucky I was to meet her.
I arrived home and organized everything for the next football game. At that moment my best friend arrived, and I told him what had happened that weekend.
1.- Today I met a girl. She is very beautiful, the most beautiful of all the girls. Can you believe it? 2.- Yes… I know it's crazy, OK let's go
I don't believe it! well, maybe i will but you don't believe in love, do you? Ok, whatever, we go for an ice cream?
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