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by choadwarrior
Did you read about all the child porn investigators found at Michael Jackson's home?
I always knew he was guilty, but I still like his music.
What about Roman Polanski? Woody Allen? Bill Cosby? Mel Gibson? O.J. Simpson?
All flawed people who had a lot of talent.
How can you still appreciate those *******s knowing what they did?
Thrift stores are full of ****ty art made by nice people.

by choadwarrior
Where the **** is the coffee?
I just made a pot, Mr. Potty Mouth.
Thanks, *******.

by KajunFirefly
The £350m thing was a lie!
You wot?
The NHS funding promise, it wasn't actually true
You just voted cos of the Muslims, didn't you?

by choadwarrior
Hey! There's the new boss.
Do you have a ring I can kiss?
Not on my hand.

by edoggydog
I had to fire my house painter who also does part-time soccer refereeing because he only has two color choices.

by choadwarrior
So you're the interim boss.
I'm the substitute.
What is your plan for all of us while you're the substitute?
I think I'll just show movies.

by choadwarrior
So you're now the big boss.
I'm only the interim boss.
When do you start?
As soon as I have my interim lobotomy.

by choadwarrior
Would you like to come over for brunch on Sunday?
Sure. What time?
Anytime after church.
It's been after church for me since 1987.

by choadwarrior
Before I leave, is there anything you want to know?
I learned a lot just by watching you over the years.
So you feel prepared to take my job?
Not at all.
Then what are you going to do?
I'm going to stop repating all your mistakes.

by choadwarrior
I hate these new, leather conference chairs.
Too hot?
No, you can't squeeze a fart into them like the cloth chairs. They just bounce off.
Sort of like right after you've had your butthole waxed and there's no hair to sift it through, so your cheeks slap uncontrollably.
Or so I'm told.

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