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by choadwarrior
How has your first week been?
I really like everyone, but I’ve noticed one thing.
What’s that?
Nobody swears.
We don’t do that here.
I’d better watch my ****ing mouth.

by edoggydog
We now go to Phil McCracken in Thailand at the scene of those young soccer players trapped in a cave...
I'm here with one of the Thai officials overseeing the rescue mission... Sir, I just have one question.
Lay it on me.
Why were they playing soccer in a cave to begin with?

by choadwarrior
Carnac the Magnificent will now use his borderline divine ways to determine the answer to the question in this hermetically sealed envelope.
And now open the envelope and reveal the question.
Where should you go after an ORGY?

by choadwarrior
Are you a coffee drinker?
I'm a coffee snob. I weigh my beans, use a burr grinder for consistency and have a temperature-controlled kettle for my pourovers.
I love coffee too. I stop at Starbucks every morning.
I see. Well, do you know where I can get a great cup of coffee around here?
There's a Keurig in the break room.
I don't think we're going to get along.

by edoggydog
Sure, I'll tell you why we brothers are also touching our "junk"...
Because, the white man took away our dignity, our freedom, and even our women!
I don't understand how that relates to you always grabbing your *****es.
We just want to make sure the white man hasn't taken that, too!
Oh, snap!

by edoggydog
I thinks it's ironic that a comic contest about convincing people to do things they don't want to is having a hard time convincing people to participate!
Wanna hear the REAL reason why people voted for Trump?

by choadwarrior
Is everything okay with your room>
Well, I would compare it to a ****hole...
But mine is much, much nicer.

by edoggydog
Okay, Phreaky... I dressed up like a French beatnik to fulfill your sexual fantasy.
Now, to fulfill my fantasy, I want you to call me "daddy" during sex!
I can't do that... There's only one person I call daddy during sex.
My dad. Duh-uh!

by choadwarrior
Your house, it is very dirty.
You may have wondered why I called you here today.

by edoggydog
Alexa, look up the nearest store for tampons.
Today, Amazon recalled more than ten million Alexas. Turns out the interactive modules were disclosing their users' deepest, darkest secrets to their friends and relatives.
...and after I found the nearest store for tampons, she then ordered a giant-sized box of condoms from Costco... I think she's ****ing the football team and again!

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