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by choadwarrior
Jesus? Party of 13?
Right here. Hey, it’s been a long day and we are in a bit of a rush. Can you send over a bunch of bread and wine right away?
Sorry, sir, we missed our delivery and are out of both tonight.
Fuck me. Well, we’re all here, so I guess you’ll just have to improvise.
These chips are my body—munch of them. This beer is my blood—chug of it.

by edoggydog
Sure... I'll tell you why my wife kicked my ass yet again!
I'm thinking about going back to school...
Is there a shortgage of fat, ugly lunch ladies?

by edoggydog
I was in a car accident as a kid, and severed half my right arm off... So, the doctors gave me an experimental drug that would cause my arm to grow back.
Check out the ass on that busboy... COME GET SOME OF THIS, PACO!!!
Unfortunately, the drug worked better than they expected and grew back a whole new me with a major bad side effect: HE'S A FUCKING FAGGOT!!!
I've always thought Paco has a nice firmness to his pooper!

by edoggydog
I like to educate beings on alien planets about life here on Earth using a hand puppet...
...and the women with the biggest tits can make the men of the species do anything they want for them!
What are tits?
Do women let you squeeze their tits?

by edoggydog
I'm not an alcoholic... *hic*
...I jusht want to be able to drink less!* *BUUUUUUURRRP*
That's actually the definition of being an alcoholic!
It is?

by edoggydog
We now present another episode of "Stupid Thoughts from My Fucking Cat"...
Isn't asphalt just another name for buttcrack?
Join us next time for another episode of "Stupid Thoughts from My Fucking Cat".

by edoggydog
Sure, I'll tell you why my wife kicked my ass... ...AGAIN!
It seems like the "magic" has left our marriage...
I think it would return if you could make yourself disappear!

by edoggydog
Oh, God... I think I ate way too much poi at the luau last night! *OOOOOOMMMMPH*
Twenty-three minutes later...
This is Phil McCracken, reporting from the site of the "World's Largest Pile of Human Shit", here on the beaches of Maui...

by edoggydog
...and that's how I knew my vagina can be used for something other than storing my father's used golf balls!
Oh, my gosh... Did you hear about that Uber Eats driver that got caught mastur-bating in his car right after delivering food to his customer?
He must have received one helluva tip!

by edoggydog

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