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by edoggydog
You know, Detroit has been having a tough time of it lately...
...but this weekend they erected a statue that is a symbol of hope for that beleaguered city.
Hey, mom... Who's Baphomet and why does he look like an evil goat?

by edoggydog
I can't believe you guys want 15 bucks just to get me a burger and fries! When I was your age, they paid me only FOUR bucks an hour and I was greatful for it!
Ma'am, I'm 19 years old, have three kids at home, one with autism, and going to college to get my degree. I have no family. I can barely support myself, let alone my three kids.
And, let's see, the only type of job that will hire me, because I haven't finished college, pays less than it takes to live in a single bedroom apartment. By the way, what do YOU DO?
I'm a housewife... I stay home and raise my children properly so they don't turn out to be a big loser like you!

by edoggydog
I have the results from your blood test, and the good news is your white blood cell count is normal...
However, your African-American blood cell count is through the roof!
That explains a lot.
How so?
Just yesterday I had the urge to hang myself in my jail cell after being arrested for not signaling while making a lane change!

by choadwarrior
Finally, you are ready. We're late.
Why must Middle Eastern men insist on their women covering themselves from head to toe?
Because of other men.
You are afraid they will leer at me sexually?
No, I'm afraid they'll make fun of my ugly wife.

by choadwarrior
Welcome to Hell! Is this your first time staying with us?
As far as I know. In fact, I didn't really even believe it existed.
Great. Well, your booking is all in order, so I'll just need a credit card.
Credit card?
For incidentals.

by edoggydog
We now now present the premiere episode of "Loony Tunes Goes Tranny Theater"...
Call me Caitlyn.
Join us next time for another episode of "Loony Tunes Goes Tranny Theater".

by edoggydog
Whatcha doin', Kaddar?
Writing down the names of all the women I want to have sex with before I die.
You mean, like a bucket list?
In this case, it would be a "****et" list.

by choadwarrior
What's the secret to the glaze on your famous rolls?
In addition to lots of sugar, I add my own special rum butter sauce.
I haven't had buns that sticky since I took a road trip in a '72 Nova with vinyl seats.

by choadwarrior
My family started the restaurant in 1948 and we've been serving up breakfast using mom's recipes since then.
What is the most popular item?
I'd have to say the buttermilk pancakes.
They are the most impressive flapjacks I've seen since Kathy Bates' sideboob in At Play in the Fields of the Lord.

by choadwarrior
Okay, the first thing we're going to need you to do is hop on the scale.
Can I take a dump first?

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