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by choadwarrior
So, either I take my dream job or I accept the counter-offer to stay here for a LOT more money.
Sounds like you have them by the short hairs.
Nobody has those anymore.

by edoggydog
...and that's how I knew it was time to short my artist-formerly-known-as-Prince stocks!
Anyways... Can you show me your best selection of I-shirts?
Don't you mean "T-shirts"?
No, because I am armless!
I don't get it.

by choadwarrior
Holy ****! It's me from the future!
I'm surprised you noticed me.
I'm always on the lookout for you.
If you had the ability to travel anywhere in time, wouldn't you go somewhere more interesting than now?
Who fascinates you more than anyone else?
It's great to see me.

by edoggydog
After Bill gets laid off from the car dealership, he applies for a position at the local sanitation department...
I really need this job. I can't blow the interview. If I don't get this job, I'll lose everything.
Shit, here he comes. I probably look desperate. Ok. deep breath. I need this job. Do that icebreaker thingy I used to do in the car business.
Thanks for waiting. Would you like to step this way?
Have you met the Air Dick?
Well, I'd like to thank you for coming in. We'll let you know either way... Count on it being the either way.

by choadwarrior
Hey man, I have some extra weed if you want to buy some.
You realize I'm a government official, right?
So you're a mandatory reporter?
Only for child abuse.
So, you want to buy some weed?

by choadwarrior
Would you say giving birth to me was the most memorable day of your life, mom?
Not really.
Not really?
It wasn't that special.
Not that special!
It wasn't the last time I spread wide for two hands and two feet.

by choadwarrior
Seen any good movies lately?
The Pastry Chick
I haven't heard of that one.
Y'know, she's got a hot dog, but wants a donut...
The Danish Girl?
Spoiler, she ends up with a bad muffin.

by edoggydog
I'm not speeding and I'm not illegally parked. I'm not even jaywalking... Why are you writing me a ticket?
How am I littering?
You're making the crosswalk slimey!

by edoggydog
Before me and my wife got married, she still lived at home with her mother and father and her hot sister with tits bigger than Phreaky. Well, the night before the wedding, my wife...
...told me to meet her at her house to iron out some last minute details. So, I got in my car and drove over there and when I rang the doorbell, her hot sister answered the door.
She told me my wife got delayed an hour and that she was the only one home, but told me to come in and wait. Next thing I know, she takes off her clothes and tells me to **** her. I immediately...
...headed out to my car. Outside was my wife who told me this was all a "test" and she knew then she can truly trust me... All I could think was thank god I keep my condoms in the glove compartment!
So, I guess that was kinda like a final job interview, which qualifies this for the comic contest.

by edoggydog
That guy must have been French because our car now smells worse then that 7-11 restroom in Galt!
Speaking of which... Stop at the next whatever because I have to take a massive, steaming, eye-watering ****!

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