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by choadwarrior
What the hell happened to you?
Haven't you heard? Superman is on a crime spree.
Do you think greed finally got to him?
Either that or he just has some bills to pay.
I wonder why The Daily Planet isn't covering this.
They laid off all their reporters.

by choadwarrior
I want to order gift cards for staff appreciation.
It's not in the budget.
So put it in the budget.
We can't afford it.
I'd call you a cheapass, but it looks like you put a lot of money into that thing.

by edoggydog
Your test results are in and I have great news!
You are sitting at 6% mental capacity... But, if you take a series of smart pills and stop watching MTV, I think we can cure you mental retardedness!
But, I'm not a retard.
And, I've already set my DVR to record the entire series of "Dating Naked", first run and repeats, too.

by choadwarrior
Our next school will be multi-story.
How high do you want to go?
Well, it has to be tall enough to maximize the available space on such a small parcel of land...
...but low enough that the over-parented kids can only attempt suicide.

by choadwarrior
Something is different about you.
You look younger.
I stopped wearing a watch.

by edoggydog
...and that when I decided Trump as preisdent would open the seventh seal and bring on the Apocalypse!
Anyhoo, I heard this commercial about "duckless" air conditioning. Really? Humans actually use ducks for climate control? Do the ducks flap their wings really hard to cool you off?
DUCT-less air conditioning, you avian half-wit!
Do you realize you have a bush grow-ing out of the back of your head?
That's from all the horse manure you put in my brain over the years!

by choadwarrior
You have had great success, despite coming from very humble beginnings.
Yes, I grew up in poor family in Detroit, where I was raised by a single mother.
And you talk very, very slowly.
That's because I was hit in the head by a falling coconut.
And you suffered brain damage?
No, but I started believing that I am a Republican neurosurgeon.

by choadwarrior
They say you're doing a great job here.
I suppose that's flattering.
Well, they've noticed you and it's only a matter of time before you move up in the organization.
You really think so?
Governor Christie doesn't trust just anyone with his wiping stick.

by choadwarrior
Did you get the proposal I e-mailed you?
Then why didn't you respond?
You have a hotmail account.

by choadwarrior
Let's ride our bikes across country.
How long will that take?
35 days.
I can't take 35 days off work.
Can you retire?

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