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page 2

by edoggydog
why do i have to be mr. pink? i'm white. and you're the wrong color to be mr. brown. your fake tan should relegate you to mr. orange.
shut the **** up spock and just go with it! the klingons will be on our ass at any moment!
Meanwhile, back on Earth...
Ooooh, we're halfway there... WHOOOAA-OOH, IN OUR UNDERWEAR! ♫
Take your hand, and put it down there... WHOOOAA-OOH, IN MY UNDERWEAR! ♫
Strip this comic, *****!

by edoggydog
Wanna hear about my trip to Catalina?
On the way there were these rocket fish criss-crossing the boat!
Don't you mean FLYING fish?

by edoggydog
Now you're a snowman again.
Next time you take it off, no hands.
What the flunk are you talking about?
"Hare pie", boy! HARE PIE!!!
Take it off yourself, ******!
I have no arms!

by edoggydog
Now, you're Chinese.
Now, you're American Indian.
Now, you're Chinese, again.
This doesn't make any @%#$ sense!

by edoggydog
How was your day, honey?
Fine... How was yours?
...and that was just when I got to my cubicle. Later, Bo came up to me and told me that she's buying a new car for her son's graduation! Can you believe that? She already bought him a...
And, that's the main difference between men and women when in comes to communication.

by edoggydog
Sorry... I didn't mean to elbow you when I passed by just now.
No 'arm done, mate.
Check out the forearm on that babe over there!
I'd let her give me a handjob in a heartbeat!
Let's go... I didn't realize this place was an ARM bar.

by choadwarrior
I'm not really in the mood for a Margarita, what other sorts of ****tails do you have?
You could have the Mexican Mule.
What's in that?
It's like a Moscow Mule except we use tequila instead of vodka...
And stuff a bag of heroin up your butt!

by edoggydog
I say to any foreigners living here who complain about America...
You can leave your hot daughters behind when you leave, however.

by edoggydog
Check out the butt on that blonde, Comrade Rudolph... She has to be Swedish!
I'll bet you 1,000 rubles she's Danish.
How can you be so sure?
Because, Rudolph the Red knows Dane rear!

by choadwarrior
Hey, we just got new orders from CIA headquarters for the prisoners.
More torture, I hope!
Depends on your perspective...They want us to cram things up their butts.
Where should I get the stuff?
Hole Foods.

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