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page 2

by umfumdisi
What's in the box?!? What's in the box?!?
A head
...of cabbage.

by umfumdisi
Knock, Knock
Who's There?
Hepatitis C
Hepatitis C Who?
Hepatitis C U at the hospital!
Oh boy, more drugs!

One-by-one, Captain Turkey Shorts led the homeless out of the city...
by umfumdisi, 1-29-17

Dear Suicidal Loner, We just changed the sheets and vacuumed, so we would appreciate it if you didn't hang yourself over the bed or from the light fixture.
The shower curtain rod is pretty sturdy. Plus, if you **** yourself, it will be easier to clean up. Thank you for recycling! Sincerely, Housekeeping
by umfumdisi, 1-29-17

by umfumdisi
I need blood to live!
Technically, all mammals do.
Wait? How did you become a talking horse?
"Lucy" is just short for Lucifer.
So, Lucy is this guy who can't die, man?
Yes. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

by umfumdisi
And those are all the details, Detective Kaufman. Two females are dead, but one bear is missing and presumed alive and dangerous!
Guess we'll have to put out an APB.
Of cou --
All Points Bear-etin
Impersonating a forum user, punning without a license and criminal audience negligence -- that's two years in the slammer for you.
It was worth it, see? I'll do it again as soon as I get out, copper. You can't stop me!

by umfumdisi
Later that night...
Oh, Walter, things would be ever so much better if you came to life like you said you would. Oh well, goodnight.
I'm alive! Sorry, Lucy, no one must know my secret.

by umfumdisi
Are you sure you don't remember anything about the night your mother was stabbed to death...
98 times in the abdomen and legs with cut marks at angles consistent with someone of your exact height, Lucy?
Nope. Walter and I were asleep.
And Walter is your?

by umfumdisi
This is where they found Mommy's body, Walter.
Remember when you told me that for you to come to life I had to kill someone?
Why aren't you alive yet, Walter?

by umfumdisi
Have you tried super fresh moisture happy Bum Gun???
What is Bum Gun? It sounds safe and sanitary!
It is, dirty taint sister! Bum Gun blows fecal matters out of your life for ever. Wave 'soo long' to messy toilet papers!
But Soo Long is my best sibling?
Then say 'bye bye' to other hangers-on about your anus. Blow them away -- with spray!
Bum Gun is top harvest life product for sanitary livestyle. Please take my income!

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