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page 2

by choadwarrior
Ever hook up with someone famous?
There was that time with Twiki.
The *****-headed robot sidekick on Buck Rogers?
That's him.
What's he into?

by choadwarrior
Happy birthday!
It seems like you're aging backwards.
Then my mom better prepare for a big surprise.

by edoggydog
Want to hear the latest on O.J.?
He got arrested for child molestation... Apparently, he was caught with his hand in Elbows Ethan's pants!
Gee whiz, I know he's a two-time murderer and an armed robber, but a child molester?
"There has to be a good explanation..."
Hey, mister... Can you open the front door for me? The keys are in my right pants pocket.
Sure, kid.

by edoggydog
I may have been cut from the Ravens, but I think I've come up with fantastic endorse-ment idea which I can make money off of my terrible situation...
Lay it on me...
"Ray Rice-A-Roni".
So, what's the hook?
The rice is BATTERED...

by choadwarrior
Thank you for coming to the reading of The Last Will and Testament of Joan Rivers.
Ms. Rivers videotaped her Will shortly before she died...
...and to my daughter, Melissa, I leave my coat tails.

by edoggydog
We now present another episode of, "Stupid Questions Asked by My Fucking Cat"...
Do bees have spelling humans?
Join us next time for another episode of, "Stupid Questions Asked by My Fucking Cat".

by edoggydog
We now present: "More Thoughts from My Stupid Cat Theater"...
If, someone says to you, "Never end a sentence with a preposition", aren't they technically doing the same thing?
Join us next time for another episode of, "More Thoughts from My Stupid Cat Theater".

by edoggydog
...and that's how I learned Ben-Gay® can be used by straight people, also.
By the way... What's taking Armless Anders and Elbows Ethan so long to take a ****?
I don't know...
Could you help me with my zipper, Uncle Anders?
I was going to ask you the same thing, Ethan!

by edoggydog
See if you can guess what I do for a living...
Gay bow-up doll model.
How'd you know?
I have a doll with your likeness back at the apartment...

by edoggydog
What do I do for a living? I'm a model, of course...
What kind of model?
See if you can guess...
Gay blow-up doll model?

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