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by KajunFirefly
Two peple met and in the dusk of red
who are you???
why do you need to know you,r just a money person???
hi FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

by KajunFirefly
poop Queen hahahaha
you are done
talking about babies
wawa baby in here?
ya you are a baby!
I remember when I used to be in charge of this comic.
ok me in charge now fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by edoggydog
...and that's how I knew Schnookums was having sex with a tree squirrel.
You know, this whole ragu4u quitting then coming back as Makin_d_bacon and JoeBlough reminds me of when Andy Kaufman died and everyone thought he came back as Tony Clifton...
Yeah, but with one big difference.
What's that?
Andy Kaufman was funny!

by edoggydog
If, Vice President Pence won't have dinner alone with another woman besides his wife because of his Christian faith...
...would it not follow that the gay mayor from Indiana who is running for President shouldn't eat alone with another man besides his husband because of his so-called Christian faith?
Speaking of ***s... I wonder how brycekain is doing.

by edoggydog
We now go to Chase Penus, speaking with the attorney of the man accused of running down a group of Muslims in Sunnyvale, CA...
I just want to state for the record my client did not intentionally run down a group of people he thought were Muslims.
Are you saying it was an accident?
No, he did it on purpose... He just thought they were Mexicans.

by edoggydog
Boy, my ***** is sore from all that butt-****ing over the weekend!
You should try the soothing relief of IcyCock®!
Sounds great... Where do I buy it?
It's not really a product you can buy, per se.
I'm not following you...
Have you got any ice cubes?

by edoggydog
Boy, I had WAY too much sex over the weekend!
Sore *****?
And, how!
Well, take it from a "professional" like me, you should try the soothing relief of IcyTwat®.
Yes... It's like IcyHot® for your vagina!

by choadwarrior
Okay, okay, I'm going to need a volunteer to come up. You sir--the one who hasn't laughed all night--I'm telling you to come up and I'll keep badgering you until you do.
We're going to re-enact a memorable day you had at work. Do you have one of those?
One morning, I woke up to find out that one of my students committed suicide-by-cop in the parking lot of our school.
Run with that, Mr. Funny Man.

by edoggydog
Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle's scrotum... I finally won a comic contest!
Now, the hard part... What should be the theme? How about best laid plans not working out?
That'll work.
Three months later...
So, who won your comic contest?
Ah, ****... I forgot to judge it!

by edoggydog
What Trump promised in 2015:
If, you vote for me, I will build a big, beautiful wall to keep out all the illegal drug runners and ******s!
What Trump envisioned:
What's this for, Timmy?
It keeps out the wetbacks, Lucy!
What we still have in 2019:

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