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by umfumdisi
Ask your doctor about Xanax. Warning, prescription Xanax may cause gas with oily discharge, may discharge you from the military,
may charge your credit cards to their limits, may cause a rhinoceros to charge, may excite electrons in a gas discharge tube,
may even charge you with murder, oh, and may cause temporary discomfort or death.
Now they tell me...

Did you at least cook the frozen lasagna before eating it?
I put it in my mouth and sneezed.
by umfumdisi, 2-21-17

by umfumdisi
Sure is hard to hitchhike without using your hands...

by umfumdisi
I'm leaving for work. Don't get too sidetracked. You're picking up my parents at 3:00.
A happy wife is a happy life!
Just be yourself -- but not too much yourself.
Stupid is as stupid does.
Sigh - I'll take off work and pick them up myself. Where will you be all weekend?
It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again!

by choadwarrior
Dad, some woman on Earth who has never had sex just called you a, "liberal cucktard."
That's not true.
Ann Coulter is not a woman.

by choadwarrior
I thought you were symbolically married to God.
I am.
So he's mythologically okay with all this?
The New Testament God is a liberal cucktard.

by choadwarrior
Mr. President, who are you rooting for today?
The Patriots! You gotta go for the Patriots, right?
I Love this guy, Tom Brady. Tom Brady, he's a winner. He's a lot like me.
Well, you both play with deflated balls.

by umfumdisi
I did change my name to John Cougar Mellencamp, but then I changed it back -- reasons.
Whatevs. I can't change my name; it's in books and everything!
Could one of you shut up and help me already?
Shhhhhhhhhh! Grownups are speaking.
Patience child, as long as R. Kelly isn't in there, you're fine.

by umfumdisi
Never fear, little one, JC is here!
Never fear, little one, JC is here!
Jesus Christ, one of us has to change names!
I thought you already did, John Cougar.

I found Trump's tax return!
by umfumdisi, 1-29-17

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