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by edoggydog
* Yeah, I stole this idea from four_legged_tripod
My cell phone tells me there's a bunch of Pokey Men in the alley!
Don't you mean Pokemon?

by edoggydog
*not to be confused with mandingo's "Mr. Optimism"
Keep pounding that nail into your brain, and your wish will be granted!
I'm may seem like I'm a floozy, but someday I'm going to be a doctor or a lawyer or maybe even a movie star!
More like a porn star, but you keep dreaming!
I may have ben born without arms, but I keep chugging along because I know God put me on this planet for a reason!
Yes, for the same reason he created midgets: entertainment!

by choadwarrior
I'm going to have to take tomorrow afternoon off.
Don't worry--I don't have a job interview.
I know you don't have other options.

by choadwarrior
Why are you supporting Donald Trump?
I like what he has to say about Turkey.
I'll tell you why those turkeys lost the coup attempt--they're LOSERS! American turkeys are winners, they would have never lost.
They win at Thanksgiving, they make the best drumsticks, and they'd win at overthrowing Islamic dictators. I'm going to make turkeys great again!

by edoggydog
I'm going to get a rescue dog from the pound this weekend...
If, I get a male dog, I'm going to name him Karl Rover.
Ha, ha. I get it... But, what will you name it if it's a female dog?
Hillary Clinton!
I don't get it.

by choadwarrior
I love your bag!
Thanks, it's made from recycled airline seats.
It holds all my things...
And thousands of strangers' farts.

by choadwarrior
What's your story, Spock? You've always been sort of asexual.
It's an unfortunate consequence of my mixed species breeding.
So you blame your parents?
I was unequipped to deal with the hormonal surge of human puberty mixed with the rage of Pon-Farr.
How did you get over it?
Sarek never told me not to jerk off with a Vulcan death grip.

So that thing scans for sexual orientation?
Gaydar was one of the first features Tim Cook added when he released the first iCorder.
by choadwarrior, 7-09-16

What sort of readings are you getting?
Sulu's gay.
by choadwarrior, 7-09-16

by edoggydog
*this was ragu4u's ****ty idea
Since we had Maura cloned, our production has quadrupled!

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