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by umfumdisi
First Starbucks opens in France
These French sure know how to dig a trench!
And how to blend a dark roast!
First Starbucks opens in Las Vegas
The only thing hotter than the weather is this cup of coffee!
The only thing looser than Caesar's Palace slots is your mom!
First Starbucks opens at The Vatican
The only thing tastier than this cup of coffee is...
a gay cardinal orgy?

by choadwarrior
That vintage Wonder Woman over there is your girlfriend?
Pretty hot, eh?
How does she stay in such great condition?
I've never played with her.

by edoggydog
Sure, I'll tell you why the police arrested me...
I was just at the WRONG place at the WRONG time!
Doing the WRONG thing!
What makes you think I was doing the wrong thing?
Because they wouldn't have arrested you if you were at the wrong place at the wrong time doing the RIGHT thing, dumbass!

by edoggydog
Sure, I'll tell you why my wife kicked my ass- hold on...
*cough* *cough* **HAAAAAACK** Um, what were we talking about?
Why your wife kicked your ass, again, and you may want to dial back the medical marijuana, Chen!

You're in the wrong place.
Over -- not onto, genius.
by umfumdisi, 5-14-17

by umfumdisi
Sir, I've been assigned to you by the State to aid in your rehabilitation so you can return to the outside world.
See this area here between my fingers, missy?
Yes, sir.
That's how many ****s I give about this bull****.

by umfumdisi
Ok kiddos, I'm Mr. Dalrymple. I have a letter here stating that Mr. Parkins will no longer be teaching this class after running away to Mexico with one of your classmates.
Lucky bast- Anyway, last week I was a lowly sandwich artist. What? No, I didn't work at Subway. I drew sketches of people's lunches in the park for spare change.
English was never my best subject, but with budget cuts and all...I'm basically the only guy who would agree to finish up the year for the school's lowball offer.
I understand you were reading The Catcher in the Rye, a classic novel which I never actually finished. Still, if you have any questions, go ahead.
45 minutes later...
Can someone please tell me where Mexico is and loan me the amount necessary to get there?

by edoggydog
Holly's training for the new Olympic sport, heavy barstool pushing...
Go for it, Holly!
...while Maura predictably takes a hot dump in the corner!

by edoggydog
How'd I do?
Not sure... How many points is it if you're straddling the red circle?

by edoggydog
Groovy! presents another episode of "Lame-ass Joke Theater"...
My mother suggested I become an eye doctor, but I just couldn't see it!
Join us next time for another episode of "Lame-ass Joke Theater".

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