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by choadwarrior
After working on a campaign non-stop for four months, I'm glad the election is finally over.
How'd you do?
We got two-thirds of the votes.
You should be jumping up and down waving your arms in excitement!
I am.

by choadwarrior
You were on my flight on Friday.
Why didn't you say, "Hello?"
You're not A-List.

We had always dreamt that one day I’d have a pretty decent dadbod but in the end our only option was to adopt
by smamurai, 11-07-18

Pulling out while doing it doggy-style is making a comeback
by smamurai, 11-07-18

by HCRoyall
Since the last time I posted here, I've had a new daughter born, had a short story published in an anthology, and seen the release of my own novel.
I also went back to working nights, which has left me time to binge watch series I've had on my list for ages, like Star Trek: Enterprise.
It's been a long road, getting from there to here.

by choadwarrior
You seem pretty happy since you changed jobs.
I can't even describe the stress I was under. It nearly killed me.
Really? It didn't show at all.
One night, I thought about closing the garage door, rolling down the windows, and letting the motor run.
What stopped you?
I drive an electric car.

by choadwarrior
How come you aren't dressed up today?
Aren't you going to the potluck?
You're about to learn two things about me.

by choadwarrior
Would you like to read a story to the children about kindness?
I really don't have time.
It would be an honor.
Look, I said I'm too ****ing busy.

by kaufman
I told you to mop the mess hall. What do you think you're doing? ----------------------- I'm only sleeping.
That's the seventh comic in this Beatle Bailey collection that had that exact punch line.

by ZMannZilla
Shiver me timbers Cap'n Porkman! We've been keelhauled by yon ship and sent to Davy Jones' locker!
Well Porkman can think of one Carnival Cruise that be getting one-star Yelp review!
Tis a damnable thing, Cap'n! Yon skallywags commit such treason on the high seas!
Does the Finchy really need to keep talking like an
old-timey alcoholic sea hobo?!
Aye! By Poseidon's left bollock, 'tis the pirate code!
Starting to think "pirate code" is Finchy code for "butt-funneled too many complimentary rum drinks"

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