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by AngryAmerican
I am the Quantity Over Quality Fairy here with advice to people trying to make funny comics.
And I am the Angry, Sarcastic Ghost of Wasted Time here to insult and belittle you.
No matter what, keep making comics. Hundreds per day if you have the time. You must be as persistant as a crackwhore, and as tenacious as an enraged wombat.
Yes. Please. Crank them out like bibles. It is reasonable to assume that if your first 30 suck ass, then then the reader will gladly slog through 30 more in search of a gem.
And remember, just because 99% of people who read them don't find them funny, if you've made one person laugh, even out of millions of people, you've done your job.
The first step towards being funny for most of you is to get rid of your computer and never speak to anyone again. Go die in solitude somewhere and leave the world alone.

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