Prelude to Armageddon

sometimes all out war just isn't a good idea for either side. compromises have to be made, battle plans redrawn.

by AngryAmerican
You realize of course that a war between Heaven and Hell will destroy mankind.
Yes, God calls it "collateral damage".
Well, funny thing that. My Master The Dread Lord Satan kinda feels this would negatively affect his active soul-harvesting efforts. And He therefore seeks and mutually beneficial compromise.
Yeah truth be told, which I have to cuz I'm an angel, is that His Hugeness thinks that wiping out humanity might aversely affect his believer base. So what did you have in mind?
...His Hugeness?
I don't know man, that's just what He likes to be called. between you and me, He's not much taller than I am.

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Prelude to Armageddon

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