All in a Night's Work

comics based on situations you have to deal with every night if you're desperate enough to work at a small concert club.

by AngryAmerican
BACKGROUNG MUSIC: super gay, whiny Emo crap
Why can't we have 15 people on our guest list? We're the headliners..
Two reasons fuckbag. One: You've only put 3 paid admissions through the door. Two: I hate you and everything you stand for. Clear things up any?
some tiny, muppet-haired guy screaming about how his dad didn't love him or something...
Why you gotta be such a hard ass man? "Look at me, I'm a bouncer on my little power trip. I have no life so I have to make everyone else around me as miserable as possible. I'm so tough."
Very accurate. Are you trying to get yourself thrown down 2 flights of stairs, or is this how you make friends?
(treat everyone who comes through the door with the utmost respect, that's my motto!)
Whatever dude, you're a fuckin bitch.
Have a great night! Can't wait to hear you play!

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All in a Night's Work

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