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by crabby
Give it to me straight doc. What's wrong with me?
Well, I'm a chef, but judging by that taste of blood you offered me I'd say your blood pressure is too high. Maybe lay off the fatty meats.
Which lunch meats would you most recmmend I stay away from?
Oh, my son! You need to avoid the capocollo, the salami, the prosciutto, the coppa, the mortadella, the soppressata!
What else did my tests reveal?
Your urine test revealed you need to drink more water. It tasted terrible.

by crabby
I'm not even sure where I am right now. Last thing I remember is heading over to a random dive bar I found while driving home from my grandmother's condo. DAMNIT!
WHO THE HELL AM I? What am I even doing here?
Dad, are you finished yet? You asked me to pull over so you could ****. That was 15 minutes ago. You fell for awhile and it seemed like you may be having a seizure, but I let you work through it.
I appreciate that son. You let me keep my dignity. You're a good boy.

by crabby
So here's the thing. We could play golf or we could blow off some fireworks or maybe color some coloring books? I brought some Uno cards with me.
I'm dying. I invited you out golfing so I'd have a reason for us to get together so I could tell you that I'm dying.
You're dying? What do you mean you're dying? You didn't need to invite me onto the golf course for a golf game.
Well, I'm dying.
What is actually wrong with you? Is it cancer or something?
It's nothing serious. Just old age. How about we blow off some fireworks or maybe color some coloring books? I brought some Uno cards with me.

by crabby
Dude, that's the ****ing Pro Shop. I'm going to go in there and ask for a job. What the **** bro?
Bro! Fuck! Do it. I dare you.
Gimme a ****ing job at the Pro Shop!
Duddddde! he said no!

by crabby
Hey RCLG! I got into a bit of a fender bender a couple weeks back and it made me think of you. I'm thinking about donating my car to Kars 4 Kids and was just curious about your experience with them.
You've been asking me this for 12 years. I never got the vacation voucher. I wasn't able to use the tax write off. I just got caught up in the catchy jingle.
So you wouldn't recommend them as a service?
Would you recommen them RCLG? I need to know. Would you suggest I donate my car to them? Do they still exist as an organization? Thanks for your help RCL. Look forward to hearing from you.

A lot of you nerds need a hug.
by crabby, 7-29-19

by crabby
Hi! I'm Larry. I'm the new Quality Control Specialist. I'm just really excited to be here!
Nice to meet you Larry.
So my kids would tell me, "DADDY! Why do you have to work so much?" I just told them that when you do what you love then you aren't working.
Pretty good, Larry.
I've got a 45 minute drive home. I need to boot scoot on out of here on the dot at 3pm.
End of day is 3:30 Larry.

by crabby
It was not a good day for me today. At the grocery store I left the car door open on the way inside. Someone in the parking lot called out to let me know I forgot to close it.
That's embarassing.
Then an elderly woman pointed out that I had my youngest child's shoes on the wrong feet.
That's embarassing.
Then after I finsihed paying I walked away and left my phone at the checkout counter. I think I have early onset dementia. I think it's from all the years of drugs.
I think you're just a ****ing idiot.

by crabby
Look, I just wanted to come by and apologize. I was out of line for what I said in the restaurant last week. Open the door and hug me like the brother you are.
You son of a *****. I'm coming in there one way or another. Don't think this door is going to keep me from my brother. I'm kicking the door down!
Jesus. I can't believe it. My brother killed himself.

by crabby
I don't know why I bought this restaurant. I don't know what I'm doing with this place. I tried to hire a management firm to run it so I can go back to Pittsburgh, but I just don't trust anyone.
What the hell do you want?
I just came here to see how you're doing. Make sure you're living up to our father's legacy.
I'll leave, but not because you told me to leave. I'm leaving because the job you're doing here makes me sick. I wish you the worst.

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