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by crabby
Sorry I'm late Bill. You'll never believe this, but Mark Wahlberg attacked me with a pair of scissors.
That sure doesn't sound like something Mark Wahlberg would do.
You know what, it was actually Donnie Wahlberg. Stabbed me with pencil in the neck.
Now that I believe. Take the rest of the day to recover. See you Monday.

I tried my first Honey Tangerine tonight. I didn't care for it.
by crabby, 4-11-19

by crabby
Bro, I meant to tell you this sooner, but I'm pretty sure those last vape carts I sold you were counterfeit. A lot of other people I sold them to got really bad migraines.
That would really explain a lot.
Have you been having migraines?
No, but I've been having a serious crisis of self. I've had multiple panic attacks. I've been questioning pretty much everything about myself.
I'm real sorry about that, bro.
It's cool.

by crabby
I was able to get you this interview son, but you're going to have to get the job. Good luck.
Now why should I hire you for the Junior Warehouse Team Member position?
Uhhhhh... My dad is Bill.
Work sucks!

by crabby
Dad, I need your help with a pretty serious problem. I'm not sure what my purpose is. How do I find meaning as the world seemingly collapses around me?
Oh, William. You're 17. You have plenty of life ahead of you to be worried every little second of the day. Go of and kiss a cheerleader. Just enjoy this time of your life.
I'm 47.
But that would make me...
You're 72, dad.
I was going to say a stroke survivor.

by crabby
This one is a bit of a fixer upper, but it has good bones!
I'll take it!
Maybe we should see some more properties. I have a few more to share with you.
Absolutely. Let's see some more options.
This one is a bit of a fixer upper, but it is conveniently located between time and space!
I'll take it!

by crabby
Just because Bill died right after telling me I was beautiful doesn't mean that it wasn't true. It's actually flattering that I was the last great memory he had.
Hey Will. It smells like **** in here. Is that you?
No. Bill had a brain hemmorage and died in here earlier this morning. From the looks of things he also **** himself at some point.
Do I smell?

by crabby
I wonder if Bill called me beautiful because I look great today or because of his stroke. Maybe he noticed the hard work I've been putting in every other weekend.
Damnit! He did notice the hard work I've been putting in. I need to be more kind to myself. I've earned this praise! It's ok to just accept it.
Hey William. Bill just dropped dead at his desk. I'm going to need you to clean up his body and throw down some sawdust on the blood and **** around his corpse. Thank, spud.
No problem. I'm on it.

by crabby
I just don't have the same feeling of invincibility I had in my youth. I only slept for three hours last night and I'm really feeling it. I spent all of Spring Break living off Doritos and Pepsi.
I can't face these people. Not today. I can't just walk in there and face these people. I can't look them in the eye. Not today.
Good morning, Hiep. You look beautiful today.

by crabby
Bill, I'm still so sorry about last week when I told the office your wife left you because you've been eating a lot of soup in the office. I had no business sharing your personal life with the office.
My wife didn't leave me. I would appreciate it if we could just move forward and never mention this ever again. I don't want to talk to you about anything that isn't work related.
I completely understand. Hey, I'm thinking of heading down to Arby's for lunch. How about you join me and we can split a seasoned curly?
I just explained that I don't want to discuss any non work related matters with you. If it does not directly involve work then I would prefer not to discuss it.
No problem. We can only talk about work while we split the seasoned curly.
I'm going to decline your invitation.

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