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by Archimperator
What up with the big sarange Doc. You gonna poke me in my sweet cheeks with that scary-looking thing? I do like being 'poked' in my sweet cheeks, but not by "scary-looking" saranges!
That's SYRINGE you Fag... not "sarange!" You have bugs on your balls! You need an ass-innoculation to remove them. That ridiculous bunny suit, and homo-axe, is not the fix, you crazy Faghole!
I'll show you ' how to do it.' I don't need a "homo-axe" to kill da bugs, I can 'go toe to toe' with da bugs with my fists, but, I like my pink bunny suit, it matches my prison pink paisano slippers!
I have your prison medical records here. Your ***-ass and mouth got tore up real good in the slammer. You also have no teeth I see. Bugs like "big open" holes like yours to crawl in and out of.
You've busted me Doc, just like my ***hole and mouth got busted and stretched like a cheap Scottish penny in da slammer. I'll bend over, and you can jam my ass with that sarange. Give it to me good!
No homo-problemo bunny-man!
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