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by Archimperator
Two boys meet. Nice boys. Good boys. Clean!
Ooooo! I'd love you to jam your big head into anything of mine. I love big head.
Hi there. Nice hat. Do you think my head would fit into it. I'd like to try and fit my head in.
East meets West.
I from Iran. I Persian. I am high class. You look low class. I go for awful falafel now. I sorry, no ass for you!
Oh c'mon Iran... why don't you "awful falafel" my tight chink ass. You might find some tasty fermented chick peas up there. Live a little, I'm clean. I only act dirty!
Love is in the air!
Oh my Allah! It's raining men! He's very clean looking. Nice pink shirt from Zara... very high class. I wonder if he let me borrow it. Nice hairdoo too. I like him. I sing raining men song now.
Well helloooo there sexy. What brings you into my kingdom? I'm going to knight you with my big sword - all knight. Oki Dokie my Persian Artichokie!?
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