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My oh my Pizza Pie, you are a cutie even though you have no teeth. Gums are gooood! There's a full moon tonight, how bout you and me dancing on the beach naked, under the moonlight - real close like?
He is hot, and I do love gay pie. He must like my green cap. I should put a pink feather in it and then he'd know that I'm a ***hooola for sure!
I see a secluded spot over there by those very unmanicured bushes. If we go over there, I'll let you touch my weenie. Now where is that weenie? Oooh yeah, it's heading for your ass!
Hmmm... that bush is "unmanicured," but very secluded, so yeah, some hot weenie between my Sweet Cheeks would be just 'the thing,'before dancing naked in the moonlight. I am a good dancer you know!
Mr. Fag, you don't have any teeth. Hmmm... gums are good when put to proper use. Why don't we get my weenie warmed up with a 'gum job?' Like I always say, "weenie and gums before bums..." tee hee!
I detect no bugs in this good plan, and trust me I know bugs! I'll show you how to do it just right! I learned everything about "how to do it," in the slammer! Now where is that weenie?
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