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The new download for my vape let’s me use it to light real cigarettes
by smamurai, 11-11-19

I'm back from the gym. I'm going to take a shower and change.
Oh thank God!
You've been an ******* for 20 years, I didn't think you'd ever change!

Wait. You call your farts a ****?
Yep. They are disgusting ick. You've smelled them. "D-ick"!
I'm afraid to ask but what do you call your ****?
"Mr. Willis".
Why Mr. Willis?
It's the name your mama calls it.

Why do you call your chin your "bottom fart"?
It's the bottom most face part.
Bottom f-art.
Soooo, what do you call it when your bottom farts?
Oh, that's a ****.

Ouch! You pinched my chin!
I pinched your chest.
Right. My chest skin, or "ch-in" as I call it.
What do you call your chin?
My bottom fart.

What's with the gun, Mike?
I'm going out to get some lunch.
You're going hunting on your lunch break? Please don't tell me you plan to field dress a deer in the break room.
Nothing like like. I'm going to get a chicken sandwich from Popeyes.

by choadwarrior
Feeling better today?
A bit...
I had a little plop-plop, fizz-fizz this morning.
Then I took some Alka-Seltzer.

Thank you for shopping at Walmart. May I take a look at your receipt?
Store policy. We want to make sure you haven't left anything behind or forgot to pay for something.
But why?
Again, store policy.
But I'm white!

by choadwarrior
I haven't seen you in a while.
I'm kid-proofing the house.
I see.
I'm going to have a three year-old here for the weekend.
Really? Whose?
I haven't decided yet.

by choadwarrior
California has a new law that lets people eat their own road kill.
You know what that means, right?
We're having Homeless Dude tonight!

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