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Base your ratings of my comics on my looks alone. RARRR!
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by AudaciousMoose
Aliens from another galaxy stumble upon the ancient civilization of Earth. They use an old thesaurus, and use it as their guide through the forgotten English language...
I have debunked a superannuated operandi of conveyance.
Supereminent scutwork!
Citations manifested in the alcove contrapositive to the straphanger's sector elucidates that this rubric of transmission was baptized a car.
The bourgeois presumptively christened this idiot box, or gimmick thingamajig, as a jalopy.
You are emphatically sagacious on the meat of verbalization and lingua franca.
It is hypothetical that you could subsist conjointly...if you obstructed exploiting colloquialism and vernacular.
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