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by choadwarrior
Aaaaaand she's...
buuuuuuyyyying a....
wheelchair accessible ramp and Rascal scooter fully paid for by Medicare..... to Heaven.

by choadwarrior
Can you take care of my boys this weekend?
I've never had a teenager in my house before.
It'll be easy.
What do I feed them?
Wi-fi and a consequence-free life.
So my booze is safe.

by TheGovernor
I dated a girl once but we just didn't click
We did try following the plan and building a life together but she kept putting up walls
In the end I realised it was time to lego

by TheGovernor
I tried dating apps for a while but it never worked out
Why not?
I kept getting Catfished
That's awful
Perhaps I shouldn't have put down on my profile that I liked making love on steam trawlers

by choadwarrior
So you're saying this machine will let us visit infinite universes with infinite realities?
Yeah, including one where George Lucas never re-edits the original Star Wars trilogy.
Let's go there!
But we could end up in the one where his original edit with Luke moping around Tatooine with Biggs for a half hour was released.
I'm glad we stayed in the universe where we sit around and get baked.
Sure makes it easier to live in the only universe where Donald Trump is president.

I want to put these drug cartels out of business.
Have you thought of putting your name on them?
by choadwarrior, 2-05-19

by choadwarrior
Great job putting the fire out. How did you do it?
Easy, I just sprayed a little fire retar--
Sorry, I just sprayed a little fire r-word.

by choadwarrior
I watched a movie about Vincent Van Gogh the other night.
So tragic.
But at least he died doing what he loved.
Killing himself.

by choadwarrior
Son, now that you've reached that age, it's time to have the talk.
We don't need to have that talk.
It's about your pecker.
No. No. No. No.
When you think you're done taking a whiz, wait and count to three Mississippi before putting it away. THREE MISSISSIPPI!

by choadwarrior
Your order number 69.
You like to dine in?
I was going to...
But now I'm thinking of eating out.

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