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by choadwarrior
My hotel in San Diego is next to a taco shop called, "Roberto's." Have you heard of it?
You should go--it's way better than any Mexican place in the Bay Area.
So, it's pretty good?

by choadwarrior
Even though the fires are 200 miles away, the smoke is pretty bad.
It's not so bad.
My eyes are red and my throat is all scratchy.
This is nothing.
It's nothing?
I lived in LA in the Seventies.

by choadwarrior
After working on a campaign non-stop for four months, I'm glad the election is finally over.
How'd you do?
We got two-thirds of the votes.
You should be jumping up and down waving your arms in excitement!
I am.

by choadwarrior
You were on my flight on Friday.
Why didn't you say, "Hello?"
You're not A-List.

by choadwarrior
You seem pretty happy since you changed jobs.
I can't even describe the stress I was under. It nearly killed me.
Really? It didn't show at all.
One night, I thought about closing the garage door, rolling down the windows, and letting the motor run.
What stopped you?
I drive an electric car.

by choadwarrior
How come you aren't dressed up today?
Aren't you going to the potluck?
You're about to learn two things about me.

by choadwarrior
Would you like to read a story to the children about kindness?
I really don't have time.
It would be an honor.
Look, I said I'm too ****ing busy.

by KajunFirefly
Do you want to watch the new Doctor Who? I think you'll like it.
How is he a girl now?
Well, The Doctor isn't really a "he", The Doctor is a Timelord from the planet Gallifrey and when their bodies are decaying they have the biological ability to regenerate their cells...
When they die they respawn with a new custom skin.

by choadwarrior
Have a blessed day!
I said, “Have a blessed day.”
You’re supposed to bless me back.
It only works when you believe.

by choadwarrior
There's a good taco shop down the street you should try.
Is it authentic?
Is it next door to a payday loan and check cashing business?
You don't know what the **** you are talking about.

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