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by bigworm
The Dr. told me I have the worse case of syphilis he's ever seen. He wants me to bring you in.
So have you got anything nice you could wear? A nice summer dress?
A dress? So he won't notice I'm a cow?
That's a good point! I'll get you some lipstick and a hat too.

What the hell happened to your eyes, Roger?
I've been eye-****ing that big-titted skank, Jamalia!
You mean, Jamalia's ***** is so skanky that staring at her sexually can make your eyes swell just like Adam's tongue?
Apparently so!
Do you think we drawn out this whole Adam's swollen tongue theme past the point of funny?
I wasn't aware we already reached the point of funny!

Holy cow... Check out the body on the new biology teacher!
Nithe ath!
Your tongue is STILL swollen?
Yeth... The thwelling hath yet to go down.
But, didn't you eat Jamalia's *****, like, five comics ago?
More like thix.

Wow... That chick playing pool hath a really nithe ATH!

The new download for my vape let’s me use it to light real cigarettes
by smamurai, 11-11-19

I'm back from the gym. I'm going to take a shower and change.
Oh thank God!
You've been an ******* for 20 years, I didn't think you'd ever change!

Wait. You call your farts a ****?
Yep. They are disgusting ick. You've smelled them. "D-ick"!
I'm afraid to ask but what do you call your ****?
"Mr. Willis".
Why Mr. Willis?
It's the name your mama calls it.

Why do you call your chin your "bottom fart"?
It's the bottom most face part.
Bottom f-art.
Soooo, what do you call it when your bottom farts?
Oh, that's a ****.

Ouch! You pinched my chin!
I pinched your chest.
Right. My chest skin, or "ch-in" as I call it.
What do you call your chin?
My bottom fart.

I'm here with the infamous, big-titted skank, Jamalia to ger her side of the story...
Is it true that Adam's tongue swelled up after eating your *****?
Yes... But, not for the reason he claims.
What's your side of the story?
He stuck hi tongue in a little too deep and triggered the mousetrap I had up in there to keep out the rodents!

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