A while ago I started my longest running serial strip originally titled The A.R.B Collection. At the time I wanted to make use of the vast array of poses that the blue character in the kaddar art categories had to offer and I figured that in order to add flavour I would spin in a bit of red as well. It eventually evolved to take on a life of its own. Throughout its long run, my humour changed and eventually I became bored of the concept after I felt I'd done everything I really could do with it. At some point I introduced Tooms as a third character and at strip #460ish I ended it. I was recently going back through the stuff and I noticed that the main reason I thought that I had run out of things to do with the characters is that I split the strips into groups of twenty and called them season and then committed to them. The problem with that was that it didn't allow for the moment when I couldn't think of anything to do with the characters that I found funny and so a large portion of it remained filler. So I cut it. I decided quite recently that I would bring back a few different serials and commit to doing a random issue every day or so when I had that spark of something that, to me, gave me the ability to make jokes that at least I found quite hilarious and that hopefully others would too. This is a collection of the A.R.B post-cancellation at renewal. This first set will contain roughly 100ish strips starting from issue 461 and onward.

by Beeko180
Beeko explains his comic-making process to Blue...
So the deal is that I use your body as a rotor turbine to generate the gravitons necessary to fluctuate power to the megatronic capacitors in the zap bay.
And then I use the residual power in the latency projector to harmonise the flow and produce the funny ions. I then milk it for all it's worth.
Got it?
Uh, no. Not really, no. Are you milking the elephant? What's being milked here? I'm scared.

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