Kevin Costner in... The Janitor Chronicles

by Beeko180
My son, my spirit, my child. Mmmm... yes. My child. My sweet, tender, succulent child. What? NOTHING!
WHY IS EVERYTHING ALWAYS ABOUT YOU?! Enough of that... listen here. That whole dying for your sins thing seems to have backfired. The your death to sins ratio is completely out of whack.
So what does that mean? I just go die for my sins again?
Close... but not exactly. I was thinking a more permanent solution. One that will also require a touch of secrecy... we don't want those romans going at you again.
Riiight... so you've been sent here to be a janitor's assistant in order to clean for people's sins. Got it. What did you say your name was again?
I didn't. But my name is um... not Kevin Costner. Yeah... it isn't Kevin Costner.

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