Not A Family Circus

A comic series about mishaps of a misshapen family of innumerable delinquents and their two highly inappropriate parents. Starring Pete, Maura, and a collection of random cast members.

by Beeko180
Why is the baby in the dishwasher?
Baby? Dishwasher? In the Dishwasher? Why whatever could you mean?
It's over Maura. You've had your laugh. It's time to put the joke to rest. I took it out. Just so you know.
Why? Why would you do that? We were having so much fun with it. It was a really good anecdote!
It's been 10 years. We need a new dishwasher. They have electronic ones now, Maura. Electronic ones. No need to feed them like the negro ones, Maura. There's just no need.

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Not A Family Circus

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