Around Betty White's Vagina in 80 Days

by Beeko180
in 80 days, you say? why that's absurd. it simply cannot be done mandingo. it's madness, it is. it really is, i'm telling you.
it cannot be done, you say, sir? it CANNOT be done? but what if it could, sir? what if it could?
what if it could be done to such a degree that betty white herself would climax harder than the ending to tchaikovsky's 1812 overture?
no i'm telling YOU sir. it CAN be done. i CAN circumnavigate betty white's vagina in 80 days.
but seeing that i already did that, i put it to you to give it a whirl since i've a restraining order placed on me that prohibits me from being within a russia's width of her ****oris.

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