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by WiLzzt
Sir, would you mind telling me where you got that brassiere?
'Cause mine are all looking kinda ratty.
I'll let you take it off me for ten bucks. You can even do it with your teeth. I want to feel your dirty hands all over me baby. Please take me now. Please **** me.

by WiLzzt
I have discovered the secret of life!
What good is that to either of us?

by WiLzzt
Did any of you guys see Jesus a little while ago?
"Jesus" is not here.  Now go away.

by Benco
what about viovis
what ABOUT viovis
yeah, point.
i don't know what my point was
i just said what you said again

by Benco
the best part is that this girl hates that i do drugs cuz she thinks it changed me or some bull****
they make you COOL is how they change you
except if your name is draco in which case you're a dumbass anyhow

by Benco
Because you guys are the "more muscle and less brain" types, and I bet you I'm going to be more successful in life.
i bet you i'll be happier
Doesn't matter
yeah it does
I'm happy when I work
and i'm happy when i smoke pot and jerk off. which is easier?

by Benco
Okay try almost no muscle, just brain. You'll be more likely to have a greater effect on the world like Bill Gates
but a majority of the world hates bill gates
Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, and that gives him a lot of influence. More than the rock
but the rock has a lot more sex
which is the only reason we exist
when you think about it

by Benco
Go into the world with bodybuilder muscle and caveman brains and try to live in this world. You will probably succeed, but you likely won't do anything meaningful
the rock is a multimillionaire
people will remember the rock, he changed wrestling
The rock doesn't have caveman intelligence
yeah he does
his gpa in college was .5

by Benco
it's just the liberal pussies who are concerned about the useless innocent bystanders that are holding the true muscle back
really, after september 11th i really was hoping we'd just use one of those nukes on afghanistan. the infant mortality rate there was 1 in 4, everyone's dying anyway
with muscle you can bomb the crap out of everyone, but you need brains to keep your existing country stable
or you can just shut up your existing country with muscle
nazi germany worked pretty well, it was just the killing jews part that kinda ****ed them
aside from that, they're a good example of shutting everyone the **** up with muscle

by Benco
I'm saying that brains have become more useful than muscle in general
i dunno
you can be as smart as you want
i can still beat you to death

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