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by Choobychooby
Do you understand everything now? I'm a straight woman, looking for a straight man to love me as a woman.
I tell you what, why don't you go talk to Bob at number 14, that'll be interesting.
Hi, I'm Becci, I've just moved in to the neighbourhood. Kevin's wife said I should come and say hello.
Honey, remember that ex-boyfriend of yours I was always getting jealous about...?

by Choobychooby
You don't understand, I was born a man but I am now a woman.
Oh, I see, you've had a sex change?
No, not yet. I still have a *****, but I also have breasts and I go to the ladies toilets.
But "technically" you're a gay man?
I'm not gay! I'm a straight woman who has sex with men.
Right, has sex with gay men.

by Choobychooby
So, what's the dating scene like around here?
Hmm, there's Jenny and her friend in number 15, but I'm not sure what's going on between them, then there's me, I'm single...
What about that little hottie that lives next-door to me?
Mr Kidney? Oh, yeah, he's not gay though.
I'm a woman.
Wow, great disguise, the beard totally fooled me. You trying to join the golf course or something?

by Choobychooby
Hello there, neighbour, my name's Becci, I just moved here.
Oh, hello there....Becci. That's an unusual name.
Not really, it's short for Rebecca.
Wow, cool, I dated a guy called Hillary once.
Was he a pre-op transexual too?
I think he was a postman.

by Choobychooby
Hi, I just moved in next door, I'm Becci.
We have to seal up those spy-holes as soon as possible.

by Adamalski

by Choobychooby
So, Hank, how do you know my son?
He's the guy I have sex with.
I mean, how did you two meet?
I just woke up one morning and he was here.
Lovely, and what it is you do, exactly?
Well, first there's a coin toss, then one of us gets some handcream...

by Choobychooby
Remember, my mom is coming round tomorrow, so don't get too drunk tonight.
How can I forget. What am I supposed to say to her? "Hello, I'm the guy that's bumming your son"?
Well, that or "Hi, I'm Hank".
She's not going to start asking questions about what we get up to or anything, is she?
I doubt it, she's not really comfortable with that whole "hooray, we're gay" attitude.
I'll go take down the sign.

by Choobychooby
$180? I didn't realise that lobster was royalty.
I told you, just because the owner is gay it doesn't mean we're going to get a discount.
It was worth a try.
Yes, but writing "perhaps later I'll go down as smoothly as the sorbet" on the bill didn't help.
You could have at least tried to flirt with him a bit.
Like when you approached the buffet waggling your ***** around?

by Choobychooby
What the hell happened to you last night?
I'm sorry, I got held up at work, but I'll make it up to you tonight I promise, here, I've got a surprise for you.
Like it?
You've painted Bette Midler on your ass?
Look, I can make her smile!

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