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by jamesallen
Sony unveils updated model of portable music player at 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.
Former 'The Bachelor' contestant opens up about split with Juan Pablo Galavis.
Dentistry group asks school to release names of men involved in Facebook scandal.
Comedian confirms wedding--urgggh....

by Branddobbe
Don't ever leave me, my love!
I must return to Earth.
If you leave me, I'll kill myself!
That is your right. I bid you adieu.
Alas! too late do I see the folly of my ways.

by Branddobbe
And I just find myself thinking, this isn't how I expected my life to turn out, you know?
I know exactly how you feel. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a hunter.
I was going to go to hunting college, and then soon I'd be chasing triceratopses through the woods, having the time of my goddamn life.
Why didn't you go?
Well, Marilyn got pregnant, and I had to get this factory job to make ends meet, and now it's pretty much too late to go back to school.

by Branddobbe
This place is so beautiful! I wish this moment could last forever.
Look, I'm pretty sick of you. This relationship is over.
Oh, this dinner was so romantic. I love you so much!
I've been banging your sister for a year, and I've decided to leave you for her.
This ski trip was amazing! I know you'll never leave me.
Man, you got another thing coming.

by Branddobbe
We have to think. We can't get off the island if we're not even sure how we got on it!
I think we were on a boat. Maybe it crashed.
I thought we were in a hotel, in Europe somewhere.
Oh, maybe we were.
Or was it a train?
Yes! A train! It must have derailed, fallen into the ocean, and drifted four thousand miles out to this island, and only the two of us survived.

by Branddobbe
Wow, we did it. He's actually dead.
I've never killed anyone before.
We should probably clean up the mess. It's evidence.
First I think we should study the scene, so that next time goes more smoothly.
Next time??
Well, I know I'd like to keep on doing this.

by Branddobbe
I finally understand.

by Branddobbe
The virgin has been sacrificed. It is time.
What am I—
Hark! The great Dionysus approaches!
What? Where?

by Branddobbe
This is the Field of the Damned, where Dionysus makes his monthly appearance.
When is the next Ritual of the Eternally Damned?
Tomorrow eve, under the light of the full moon.
What sort of preparations are necessary?
A virgin sacrifice.

by Branddobbe
Welcome to the Camp Savage Saloon. Here we have everything you could ever hope to drink.
If no one can ever leave, how do all these drinks get delivered? Wouldn't the delivery men have to stay?
Our stocks are replenished under the new moon by the great god Dionysus.
Dionysus? He is a mythological being. He doesn't exist.
He sure does exist! I officiate his arrival ever four weeks, in the Ritual of the Eternally Damned.
I am at once terrified and fascinated.

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