Mr Kidney

quirky ol' *******

by Choobychooby
Hello, Mr Kidney, I'm depressed, the girl I've liked for months has just fallen for my best friend, they both really like each other despite both knowing my true feelings.
Love is a tricky thing Kevin, the best way to deal with it is remember that it's all your fault, you're too emotionally stunted, bad at conversation and full of self-loathing...
if you REALLY wanted this girl, you could have had her, but instead you pussied around thinking about it and failed to get her. Push all this hatred and resentment deep deep down inside you...
let is fester and every day reflect on how much of a loser you are. One day, it'll overwhelm you and you'll reap your hideous revenge on the world. _______________ Can I have my shears back?

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