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Ten years after the Apocolypse...
I've been ****ing you for a decade and you've yet to bear me any children!
What gives?
Heck if I know, Flip- wait. Weren't you a dolfin in the previous comic?
Even so, I think they'll be able to realize my character is not even Holly.

by edoggydog
You're stupid and you're lazy and you're retarded and you're fat and you're ugly and you're ball-less...
...and...and you're CRYING??
My cat has feline cancer and the vet told me the best thing to do is put him down. I don't think it's working, though. It seems to just be making him depressed!
Have you tried staples?

After the Apocoplypse...
We are the last two mammals on Earth, Flipper. Now, it's up to re-populate the planet!
I finally have a porpoise in life, Holly! LMFAO!!
Ha, ha! Seriously, though, we have a lot of babies to procreate, so we'd better get started.
I hope you like big ****s, Holly!
Sure do, Flipper... I used to have Shaq O'Neal on a speed dial for midnight booty calls!
Let me re-phrase that... I hope you like pretty big ****s, Holly!

by kaufman
This episode was scheduled to air on November 24, 1963.
Arf! Arf Arf. Rrrrruff!
What's that, Lassie?
Arf Arf Arf. Rarararrr!
Timmy stole a rifle from my gun cabinet and hooked the trigger to a timer?
For some reason, CBS never broadcast it, and destroyed the tapes
Ruff rufff! RRRRRarrrf!
And went to Texas and left it on a grassy knoll, ready to go off midday Friday? I'm going to have to have a talk with that boy.

So, I says, "Them gravitons ain't gonna generate themselves!"
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
That we need more air tubines?
Close... Close...
You ain't talking about that ******y-ass Air Dick thingy again, are you?
First of all, there's nothing "******y" about the Air Dick. And, secondly, yes.

CUT! PRINT! Okay, Brad... This time, I need you to let the entire cast of Property Brothers come on you.
You talking the two brothers and his team of sub- contractors?
Along with the five videographers who follow them around all day.
Okay. But, should I clean up first?
Yes. And, you'll probably need a change of clothes.
Who knew Peter North could still spooge that much?

by kaufman
Wait a minute!
You're not wearing a bunny suit. Does that mean that you don't need to wear one to keep the aliens from making you want to kill yourself?
And you're not wearing a clown suit. I was going to ask you the same thing. I think we've been had.
Hey, do you think we ought to tell the blindfolded family over there that there's really nothing to worry about?

by edoggydog
Okay, this question is for $1,000,000...
You've heard of MC Hammer's hit song, "Can't Touch This", right? Name the song Arnold Schwartzenegger recorded with a similar theme.
"Don't Touch That!"
CORRECT!! How would you like the million dollars delivered to you?
In da chawper!

So, if the bull comes after me, you'll draw him off me, right?
Yeah, sure. Probably. Maybe. I wouldn't put it pass me. Sort of.
You don't sound very confident for a rodeo clown.
I'm not a rodeo clown... I'm a Rodeo clown.
What's the difference?
I stand out in front of the Rolex store on that famous drive in Beverly Hills to draw people inside.

What the..?
Oh, ****...
Now before you overreact, dad, it's not what you think.
That poster on your wall is a photo of Nancy Pelosi having a naked three-way with Bernie Sanders and that fat, ugly, hairy freshman Muslim representative.
Okay, so it is what you think.

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