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Okay so my comics degenerated to inside jokes with big time typos... Ryan did WELY dibs to Hoss for his craig pimps... And my apologies to Teeth
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by Com_Caff
Alone as per usual, today Bagnall is contemplating the meaning of life and why he's here......
Let's se, I molest little boys, I have a receding hairline, I have no idea how to be funny even though I try as hard as I can, and we all know how well I do with the ladies......
......and yet still no one likes me, what have I done wrong? Maybe I should shut up, maybe I should start taking responsibility and doing my job at WEJY, maybe I could get some rogaine.....
.....and suddenly the world became a much better place
NO!!!! That would be too logical !!! I know now what I must do! HARI KARI !!!!!!!!!!!
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