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by SassyOphelia
Miss Zee, these storytime activities are unacceptable!
Kids like to dance and sing
Pop goes the weasel, here we go round the mulberry bush, I'm drawing on a rich background.
You're asking the children to shake it like a Polaroid picture!
Children love to shake it.

by SassyOphelia
You know, we've lived together four years and you have never even once brought a guy back. What's up with that?
I'm a bit old for the dating scene. 67 million years too old, to be exact.
I'm a cougar!

by SassyOphelia
That's such a sad movie! Oh Bambi's mom...
I never understood why humans find that so sad.
Okay, think of The Land Before Time. Remember Littlefoot's mom?
Now I understand. Oh Bambi's mom...

by SassyOphelia
Okay kids, meet Chippy! The squirrel that watches you masturbate!
And no one's complained?
He's adorable and teaches a valuable lesson, what's to complain about?

by SassyOphelia
Hey Sweetie
Cut it out, Sassy, put the puppet away.
But the puppet WUVS YOU. The puppet thinks you're adorable and wants to eat your soul :-)
Reason why you shouldn't be a children's librarian #54.

by SassyOphelia
I'm exhausted all the time.
I wish I could have one night where I didn't dream of dinosaurs, the apocalypse, Britney Spears, or my high school friends.
What ever happened to good old fashioned sexy dreams?

by SassyOphelia
In the Old Testament, angels appeared to prophets in dreams.
For the past two weeks, I have dreamt of nothing but dinosaurs.
Make your own conclusions.
Sorry, that was me.

by SassyOphelia
And class, I know once I mention this, you'll all run out and buy it...
Just kidding! I know students don't have money!

by SassyOphelia
What's wrong, Sass?
I hate Pittsburgh, it closes at 5 pm and everyone is mean and Im lonely
But Pittsburgh is a bustling metropolis with a heart of gold!

by SassyOphelia
I've got something to ask.
Why are all of my friends here?
Because I wanted everyone to witness what I have to say
You're so engaging!
Well, that's the thing....
I do.

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