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by little_kitty
Gol-ly! This here thermometer says you have a temperature of mass destruction!
That's a rectal thermometer. I think you mean
Whoa whoa whoa. I've got to interrupt. That's even too lame for me, and I'm pretty lame.
*snrt* Ass destruction

by little_kitty
You're lucky that's just from my finger gun.

by little_kitty, 1-16-11

by little_kitty
Dr. Billings, have you seen these test results on patient X?
Ahh, you mean Wirthling. Positive for every known STI under the sun, including some that we're going to name after him
Don't worry Doc, I'll set him straight... Medically and morally.
How did things go?
Well, he said the only way to stop ZEE COCK TRAIN was to demolish it. I thought he was talking about his weiner.

by little_kitty
Another year went by and I forgot my stripversary
I thought Canadians were supposed to be smart
You've got the sex appeal of a house fire.
What does THAT have to do with anything?
Nothing, really, but I've been waiting a year to use that line

by little_kitty
Awww come on... I said I was sorry!
No. I'm still not speaking to you...
LOOK. I had to. I can't create the "Easter Bunny Massacre" without KILLING Easter bunnies.
But the ones at the mall are people, not bunnies.

by little_kitty
After years of searching...
discovering and soul pondering...
I still hate all internet speak

Oh, right. This is a belated anniversary. As they all were...
by little_kitty, 6-11-08

by little_kitty
15 minutes later.
Brown toast!
Its about time! This toast is cold. This coffee isn't fresh.
My life is absolute ****s.
I've been calling you for the past 15 minutes.
Is this some sort of new policy that you just hang on to our food and never call? I'm telling the entire Women's group...

by little_kitty
When toast is done, and coffee is fresh...
Brown toast!
5 minutes later.
10 minutes later.

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