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by choadwarrior
Ever hook up with someone famous?
There was that time with Twiki.
The *****-headed robot sidekick on Buck Rogers?
That's him.
What's he into?

by choadwarrior
Happy birthday!
It seems like you're aging backwards.
Then my mom better prepare for a big surprise.

by choadwarrior
Thank you for coming to the reading of The Last Will and Testament of Joan Rivers.
Ms. Rivers videotaped her Will shortly before she died...
...and to my daughter, Melissa, I leave my coat tails.

by choadwarrior
Robin Williams here. Don't feel sorry for me.
I died how I lived...
Drawing attention to myself in the most unfunny way possible. WHOAHOH!

by choadwarrior
So you were a mild mannered doctor until you drank the potion and then what happened?
I turned into a vile sociopath, committing all sorts of crimes and indulging in every vice imaginable.
And then?
I drank another potion and turned into the man you see before you.
Stay tuned for scenes from the next episode of, "Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde & Sikh"

by choadwarrior
Next up! Firing missiles at the Gaza Strip!
Reprehensible act of Israeli aggression?
Or great euphemism for banging a Middle Eastern chick?

Did you hear somebody puking in the alley last night?
He probably knew what we were doing in here.

I'd like to make a deposit.

by choadwarrior
Come inside--we've got great deals on initiation to our new health club.
I don't need to join a health club.
Don't you want to look better naked?
I don't need to.
Why not?
I make a lot of money.

Thanks for inviting me over for dinner.
Thanks for helping to cook.
Everything was so good!
We should probably **** before the food turns into poop.

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