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by choadwarrior
We need to cancel our big presentation tomorrow.
I worked all weekend to get my part ready.
I didn't. Can you think of a good excuse to postpone to another day?
I could be really hungover.

by choadwarrior
Now that you're back, I'd love to show you around all the churches we built in your honor.
Do they celebrate all my miracles and good deeds... healing the sick, raising the dead, walking on water, multiplying the fish, yada yada.
In a way, I guess.
Because the last thing I want to be reminded of is my gruesome, torturous death.
We need to redecorate.

by choadwarrior
Do you know why we're having such a hard time getting invoices paid?
It's probably those lazy fat cats in Accounting.
You mean the managers?
All the clerks wear leopard print for some reason.

by choadwarrior
The latest Republican debate was held last night.
Between the CNBC commentators and Donald Trump...
There was more Bush bashing than a lesbian orgy.

by choadwarrior
Says here you have a brain thingy and some skin stuff.
"Brain thingy" and "skin stuff?" Where did you go to medical school?
I didn't. I'm former Vice President Dan Quayle.
What makes you think you can be a doctor?
What makes Ben Carson think he can be president?

by choadwarrior
Have you been following this Jesus guy?
Never heard of him.
Y'know, skinny guy, bearded, makes things out of reclaimed wood.
Thinks he's God's gift to man.
Sounds like just another ******* hipster.

by choadwarrior
Oprah Winfrey has bought a stake in Weight Watchers.
The company has been losing money for years, so it's not clear why she invested.
Time for your weigh-in, Ms. Winfrey.
Can't we do it after I eat, then crap out, that huge steak I bought?

by choadwarrior
Are you just going to sit there and play video games?
Pretty much.
Don't you feel like you are wasting time?
I would if I hadn't smoked so much weed.
So getting high is your recipe for success?
Isn't this The Great British Bake-Off?

by choadwarrior
The first Democratic Presidential debate just ended, what are your impressions?
I wished the candidates would have spent more time in their closing statements talking about issues than promoting their websites.
Yeah, the debate had more plugs than Joe Biden's hair.

by choadwarrior
Hey dad, I was cleaning out the basement and I found these magazines hidden away.
Are they my old Playboys from when they showed titties?
No, they only have pictures of cartons of milk.
Get your hands off my Jugs.

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