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by choadwarrior
Robin Williams here. Don't feel sorry for me.
I died how I lived...
Drawing attention to myself in the most unfunny way possible. WHOAHOH!

by choadwarrior
So you were a mild mannered doctor until you drank the potion and then what happened?
I turned into a vile sociopath, committing all sorts of crimes and indulging in every vice imaginable.
And then?
I drank another potion and turned into the man you see before you.
Stay tuned for scenes from the next episode of, "Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde & Sikh"

by choadwarrior
Next up! Firing missiles at the Gaza Strip!
Reprehensible act of Israeli aggression?
Or great euphemism for banging a Middle Eastern chick?

Did you hear somebody puking in the alley last night?
He probably knew what we were doing in here.

I'd like to make a deposit.

by choadwarrior
Come inside--we've got great deals on initiation to our new health club.
I don't need to join a health club.
Don't you want to look better naked?
I don't need to.
Why not?
I make a lot of money.

Thanks for inviting me over for dinner.
Thanks for helping to cook.
Everything was so good!
We should probably **** before the food turns into poop.

I used to **** that guy for a while.
How did you know him?
He lived 1,625 feet from me.

by choadwarrior
Messiah! You have come back from the dead!
I want you to get the apostles together...John, Peter, James, Thomas...all the boys!
Bring them back to the cave. I have something special planned.
What do you have in mind, oh Lord?
For starters, I have four more holes.

by choadwarrior
I'm such a fat ****.
A good friend would say, "No, you're not."
A better friend would say, "Yes, you are."

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