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by choadwarrior
Your brunch comes with bottomless mimosas.
I'm not a big fan of mimosas. Do you have anything else?
How about if I brought you something that gives you the same effect as a mixture of Sunny Delight and Korbel?
I guess I can try it.

by choadwarrior
In this house, we don't take snacks without asking.
In this house, we don't play on the dirty floor.
In this house, we don't eat canned tuna.

by choadwarrior

The results in and now we have conclusive proof of why you are gay.
Are you sure?
We did hundreds and hundreds of scientific studies with strict controls.
So what's the reason?
Says here that men give better *******s.
No arguments here.

by choadwarrior
I'm not really in the mood for a Margarita, what other sorts of ****tails do you have?
You could have the Mexican Mule.
What's in that?
It's like a Moscow Mule except we use tequila instead of vodka...
And stuff a bag of heroin up your butt!

Lip that ass.

by choadwarrior
Hey, we just got new orders from CIA headquarters for the prisoners.
More torture, I hope!
Depends on your perspective...They want us to cram things up their butts.
Where should I get the stuff?
Hole Foods.

Hey man.
LOOK. I know. I've been away for awhile. Many things and events have occured over the years.
Huh? What are you talking about?
Of all people! You should know! I can't believe you're here judging my life's decisions. I've almost eliminated all my vices, have a great girlfriend, and I'm happy! Get off my back!
Well.. I...
Is there anymore leftover turkey?

by choadwarrior
At some point, we're going to have "the talk" with our kids.
Who gave it to you?
My dad...and I could never look my mom the same way again.
That must have been awkward.
No...ALL the way up there!

by choadwarrior
I get the rest of your uniform, but I do have one question about the sash.
You may inquire.
What's the deal with the sash?
I was Miss Klingon Homeworld.

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