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Let me know if you have trouble finding your size.
by choadwarrior, 8-27-15

by choadwarrior

by choadwarrior
I'd like to say winning the election is humbling, but I will be the greatest President God ever created.
Well, it happened.
I swear ISIS won't know what hit it, and I'm going to be the greatest jobs president the world has seen.
Don't blame me.
I want to thank all the Mexican ******s who scared broads into supporting me.
I voted for Sanjaya.

by choadwarrior
First, there was Renée Richards.
Now, there's mean Caitlyn Jenner.
I once bought a box of Wheaties and he was on the box.
Now the box is on her.

by choadwarrior
Instead of watching, you could lend a hand.
But it would interfere with my time study.
I really could use some help.
Try doing it faster.
So, m'boy, that's why I had to let Mom go.
Sister can pick up that slack.

by choadwarrior
Mr. Trump, what specifically would you do to stop illegal immigration?
I would build a wall.
Please give us some specifics.
It would be the biggest wall you've ever seen.
And then what?
I would pee all over that wall.

by choadwarrior
Governor Christie, what is your personal stance on birth control?
Well, Mary Pat and I are practicing Roman Catholics...
So we use the rhythm method.
Just because you bounce and jiggle a lot doesn't mean there is any rhythm to it.

by choadwarrior
Rachel struggles to explain the specials as Chef Ramsay orders...
We're back, and I'm glad you joined us because I promised you earlier to reveal to you the most spectacular specials ever. EVER!
Step forward so I may announce which of the meals I have found not to be worst...
Meanwhile, Chef Ramsay has a surprise for Rachel...
Nowhere, and I mean nowhere, have there ever been any specials like the ones we have for you tonight. You are not going to want to miss these specials. But first...
The first course will not be the starter that failed to be the least appetizing, while the main is as awful as it is delicious.
Wil Chef Ramsay ever place his order?
Wait...I don't have a narrator.
Rachel, madam, take off that uniform, go back to the kitchen, and prove to us you are a waitress, because you are not the one who isn't serving me.

by choadwarrior
We have some amazing specials, which will blow you away. I'll tell you about these amazing specials right now but first, let me explain that they are, in fact, special and you will get them here...
The item I am not going to order is the item which is not the dish which is the one you are not describing but is the most stunning example of a meal I don't not want to eat.
You are really going to appreciate how spectacular these specials are as soon as I tell you about them. I promise they will astound you and you will be glad I told you about them.
Never, in my career have I not ordered such a dish as the one I am not going to not place with the person who might not be the one who isn't taking my order.
Now, these specials just aren't your run of the mill specials, they are special specials. You are not going to believe how special these specials I am going to tell you about are, so stay tuned...
Now, before I reveal to you the entree that I found the best and which I shall be eating, step forward so I may announce which of the meals I have found not to be worst...

by choadwarrior
There were a lot of problems with that letter I had you write for me.
It was full of typos and grammatical errors.
You said you wanted it to look like it came from you.

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