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by Injokester
All employees must now wear full suit and tie when coming to the office.
Casual clothes day will also be changed, so that only clothing that covers all skin below the neck is allowed.
Except for women, who can show what they like.

by Injokester
Daddy, what's evolution?
Well honey, evolution's a made up bedtime story, created by witches and Nazis to scare children.
The same witches and Nazis with crackpot ideas, like how smoking isn't good for your health.
Or that black people should be allowed to vote.

by Injokester
I gotta Say Ben, I'm a bit depressed. All the new inductees are from minorities, and they're still being treated better than me.
And of course you've been nailed to this cubicle wall since 2007.
Actually I chewed my own hand off back in '09, so I can sneak in and out as I please.
Most of the time I'm not even here, I just use a blacked-up mannequin as a stand in.

by Injokester
I'm all for affirmative action, but should we be insulted that they brought in 7 people from minorities in one induction group?
Maybe, but at least they're addressing the issue.
Yeah, I suppose so. I guess we should always look at the positives.
Yeah, I like your attitude. Hey, do you want to grab lunch later?
Sanderson, your idea to save the quarter by installing cameras and turning our business into a reality show is really paying off.
Thank you sir. Do you want to get in on the betting pool? I've got $50 that the sort-of-black one bangs the asian chick by Tuesday.

by Injokester
Give me a "H"!
Give me a "P"!
Give me a "V"! Goooooo Team!

by Injokester
Son, when you grow up and get married you'll have to do things for your wife to show her how much you love her.
Like only hitting her with an open hand, or letting her do the dishes on her birthday.
Do women like doing the dishes?
Of course they do Son. If they didn't, they wouldn't have chosen to be born women now would they?
You're so smart Dad.

by Injokester
Neil, I need you to clean up the vomit in the hall on level seven.
No problems boss.
Chen's in the lunchroom, you'll need him for this one.
Why's that?
I'm confiscating your mop. Make sure you grip him from the legs, otherwise he'll bend too much.

by Injokester
The Wilsons are expected for six, so make sure the dishes are all done.
Of course dear.
You'll also need to vacuum, dust, and do the washing.
Well you know what they say, "A woman's work is never done!"
Of course not dear, that's why we don't let you gals have real jobs.
Ha ha ha!

by Injokester
Daaaad Timmy hit me!
Timmy! How many times have I told you, never hit ladies!
Unless you do the right thing and marry them first!

by Injokester
Welcome to the team Barry. Now it has come to my attention that you're a homosexual.
That's right.
Accordingly I need to talk to you about our office's **** policy.
Oh my God! I can assure you I'd never...
Keep it to the level 3's and below.
They're the young ones right?

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