Playhouse Origins

The "Playhouse Origins" comics are actual online events. They took place on a Site called "Gamefaqs" on a board called "Random Insanity" in an ongoing social topic called "Pikadeth's Playhouse" and are about the beginnings of the topic. Someone had to tell the story of our mismatched online lives, so I figured, why not me. We are a group of friends. ...who attack and injure each other for no reason. >_> ENJOY!

by Dimebag_Darrell
On a messege board somewhere on the internet...
I'm bored. What can I do... I know! I'll start a topic! I'll call it "Pikadeth's Playhouse"
Inside topic...
Perfect! Now all I need to do is wait for someone to enter and post. I hope it's someone cool.
My name is Pikman.

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Playhouse Origins

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