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Just a bored geek. Some of my comics are from real life, some are playing around, though most are intended to have some humor value. Your mission is to figure out which is which. Good luck!
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by DontKnow
And Marsha, what is the local weather?
Well, there is a Winter Storm Warning until midnight tonight.
Talking to myself.
This is bad. All the idiots will be out driving their SUVs thinking that they can drive faster and more aggressive than normal.
But I love the snow. Too bad there's only a couple inches on the ground, and only due for a couple more. I want a couple feet of it.
Yes guys, just like Gollum does.
Its a couple inches too much. It isn't worth it. And besides, you didn't even go out in it today.
My precious. Me wants his precious precious snow.
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