Sexual Tips for my Fellow Men

Now, I've heard a lot of women complain about previous partners being TERRIBLE in bed. Now, I can understand simply not humping right, or not having your finger technique down pat, but there are some simple basics all men should have realized by the second time they have sex. Here's a few for those of you who haven't learned:

by DragonXero
First off, the clit doesn't lubricate itself. There's a little resivoir right below the clit. USE IT. Rubbing a dry clit hurts the ladies, guys.
Secondly, vaginal juices will not eat your face off. Don't be afraid to get a little messy down there. It IS fun!
Thirdly, the nipples are truly wonderous things. Even the most insensitive girl should be able to feel something. Sucking too hard HURTS. Morons.

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Sexual Tips for my Fellow Men

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