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by evil_d
Julius Caesar
Abraham Lincoln
Mother ****er!
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Son of a dolphin ****!

by evil_d
Why should we let people from all these ****hole countries move to America?
Because... that's literally what it says on the Statue of Liberty?
What? No way does it say "****hole" on the Statue of Liberty.
Yeah, they modernized the poem a couple of years back.
"Y'all huddled masses tryna get up outta them ****holes? We takin' tempest-tossed, we takin' wretched refuse, we takin' all them *****es."
I'll be damned.

by evil_d
How much would you charge to write a three-page essay on A Midsummer Night's Dream for me?
That's easy. Fifteen dollars.
And how much if it has to be single-spaced and in Times New Roman?
Whoa there, Hemingway.

by evil_d
Here's what I don't get, Santa. There are almost two billion children in the world. How can you possibly keep track of a list that long? Where do you even put it?
Santa's gotten with the times, my dear! All of that data is stored in the cloud now!
Earlier, at the North Pole:
https://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/List_of_ children_who_were_ nice_in_2017

by evil_d
I'll have the number one combo, please.
Can I get a name for that order?
I guess... we could call it Fred?

by evil_d
Want to make sure you're on Santa's nice list, young lady? Give me your address and I'll double-check!
How about you, miss? Your phone number will work too!
Alright, Mr. Moore. You've been warned about this.
Who paid you to come here and do your job?? Was it the muslims? The sodomites?

by evil_d
I'm reviving the coal industry as fast as I can, Santa, but it's hard work!
I need more, you fat ****, MORE! So many people have been naughty this year!
But people are saying it's bad for the environment! They're switching to solar and wind power!
Damn your excuses! I can't shine a ray of sunlight into someone's stocking!
Just tell me this won't affect our agreement!
You'll get your new eastern European bride when I get my anthracite!

by evil_d
Hi Santa, it's Harvey Weinstein.
Lump of coal. NEXT!
Kevin Spacey here.
Loved you in House of Cards. Lump of coal. NEXT!
Matt Lauer, and before you say anything you should know that having lumps of coal shoved up my ass is my fetish.
Baseball bat with barbed wire wrapped around it. NEXT!

by evil_d
Aren't you a little old to be visiting Santa?
The last time you told me whether I was naughty or nice was when I was six years old. I've gone eight decades without a moral report card and now I have no idea where I stand!
I'll probably die soon and I need to know where I'm going. Should I spend my remaining time in a flurry of virtuous activity?
Honestly, man, at this point what could you do to change course? To overturn a lifetime of good or bad acts?
I could tell the police where those kids' bodies are buried. That'd probably count for something.

by evil_d
As you know, Billy, "naughty" and "nice" are relative terms. It's okay to be a little naughty, as long as you're nicer than 50% of your peers.
This year you're exactly in that 50th percentile. So it comes down to tiebreakers.
"Tiebreakers"? Like what?
Total number of swear words used, kilowatt-hours of non-renewable electricity consumed, and length of time spent listening to anything by Chris Brown.

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