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Voulez-vouz couchez avec blah. I don't know whatever the hell to put here, so this will have to suffice. Enjoy my slapdash comics.
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by Eibii
Descent into Cosplay, Part 2 - "You'll never find a more wretched hive of schmutz & dorkery..."
Dear god, everyone here is dressed like a lifeless geek! ...I feel so left out.
Yeah, we get a little of everyone here. We've got your sci-fi buffs...
... gamers, tweakers, anime freaks, writers, nerd groupies...
Whaaaat?! No Sailor Scout costumers this year? Aw, frell.
Hey, baby, what's your THAC0? Sha-ZAM!
"... What the hell kind of fans are they?" "Um... Don't ask."
... so then, I said, "Oh, Delilah, you're the hottest wolf/cobra/'taur I've ever seen!", and I yiffed her.
Heheheheheh. You said 'yiff'. Heheheh.
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