Bob and Jim

A comic set made for comic contest 380. Starring Bob and Jim. These probably need to be read in some sort of order for maximum effect. That is, the best way to hate them is to read 'em all and hate everything from the character development (such as it is), dialogue used and over-reliance on sexual deviancy as humour.

by El_Phen
Hey Jim.
Yeah Bob?
I was thinkin'. Maybe I should just get the hell out of my cubicle and see what's happenin' over your neck o' the woods.
Wouldn't do that if I were you Bob.
Why Jim?
I'm naked and masturbating onto a pre-op picture of Rosie O'Donnel. Oh and there's some tacks on the floor, wouldn't want to have to get Health & Safety involved eh!?

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Bob and Jim

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