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After Jason's boyfriend Malcome left him for his best friend and his pot-head parents die, he dosen't wanna live.
Man, my life sux, my boyfriend Malcome left me.
Ohh my god!, my mom and dad just died from smoking bad weed!
After Jason realizes how sorry he is at skateboarding he knows what he needs to do.
Man, I'm gonna kill my self!! GOD I SUCK! I wish I was as good as a skateboarder as Mike and Bryan!
THATS IT!, Let me find that hammer!
After Jason's dumb ass realizes he is not dead he says what the hell and goes to suck that alien's ****. The end
Ok, Here goes. I'm killing my self now!
Awwwwwwwwww!!!!! Shit that hurts!!! Hey, I'm not dead!!
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