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by Kaddar

by Kaddar
If it turned out Heath Ledger faked his death, would everyone be like, "oh, that joker."?

by Bargaintuan
God loves you. He really does.
You know what I'm talking about.

by Bargaintuan
Did you know that the Japanese have no equivalent to the letter L?
No L?
No L.
No L!
No L.
Born is the ki-ing of I-isra-el.

In Soviet Russia, Plymouth Rock land on us!
by Bargaintuan, 9-14-06

by Bargaintuan
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
The hurricane's heading right for us. We should make an announcement to the prisoners.
There's a problem. There's no word for "hurricane" in Arabic.
That's right... They don't get those the the Middle East... How about "tropical cyclone"?
No "tropical," no "cyclone."
Uh, just tell them it's a "wet sandstorm."

by Bargaintuan
Hello! I'm an alternate version of you, from a parallel universe!
You can't be here.
Why? Are you busy? Is this not a good time?
No. I mean, I'm a Bohmist.
Alas, he is not truly gone, but merely hidden.

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
Please, call me "Daddy".
by Bargaintuan, 8-18-06

by Bargaintuan
Put it on my bill.
What? You just done paid. You tell me what you want me to do now.
Put it on my bill.
I told ya, you done paid already!
Put it on my bill.

by Bargaintuan
6-02-06 I says to him, "Larry," I says, "Larry, don't shoot dat pod. Dat ain't got nobody in it," thinkin' I just saved duh Empire, I dunno, what? a couple uh grand in blastuh ammo.
Heh, especially duh way Larry shoots. So anyway, nex' thing I know, duh Deat' Star is blown tuh Hell, an' I'm here pullin' janituh duty, moppin' up dis here Star Destroyuh.
Hey, you know how much floor ya got on yuh typical Star Destroyuh? A friggin' lot, dat's how much! I think I would'a liked it bettuh if Vaduh had jus' Force choked me instead.
Damn droids.
No offense.

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