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by Bargaintuan
Finally! Thirty-two days, that's gotta be some kind of record.
Are you done yet? We've got so much yellow snow out there, it looks like a desert.
Hey, you try eating a couple billion cookies in one night and see how you feel!
Point taken.

by Bargaintuan
I will see into the future with my magic 8-ball! Ask me a question.
Will I ever find true love?
Well? What does it say?
The all-knowing sphere says... "8".

by esuarez27
Soon Mr. Nuclear Bomb, that Robot will break into the Mech tower to steal the nuclear launch codes. Then you will return us to THE AGE OF MAN!
An age where man dominated. Where man was free to get drunk, play x-box and imagine what went wrong with his life.
Hmmmmmm....Sir? Do women have any role in this age of man you rant about to the inanimate explosive device?
They will make the pop tarts from the toasters that symbolize our lust.

by Bargaintuan
How was the voting?
Voting? What voting?
You know, the new constitution-- Your finger has that purple ink on it.
Oh. No, I tied a string around it to remind me to vote and it's a bit tight.
I think my finger is dead.

by Bargaintuan
or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Joss Whedon
Wow! When we got cancelled, I thought I'd never get to say this, River...
Well, this is a space opera with no weirdo aliens, no zappy blaster guns, and everybody talks like they're Texans.
...but now we're in a movie, and it's not like there's gonna be a sequel or anything...
I mean, this kind of stuff only appeals to people who hand paint plastic models of the Enterprise-C or possibly that robot from The Black Hole.
I can beat you up, you know.

But Doctor, I can't hold it in forever. I'll burst!
And I suppose you're gonna say that hurts, too. Grow some balls, man!
by Bargaintuan, 10-13-05

Doctor, it hurts when I pee.
Then don't pee.
by Bargaintuan, 10-13-05

Doctor, there's blood in my urine!
Shhhhh! Don't say that too loudly, or everyone will want some!
by Bargaintuan, 10-11-05

by Bargaintuan
Hey, Steve! Let's go invade the Earth!
OK, Bob, but how will we get there?
We can fly through a black hole, or travel through a wormhole...
NO! We will travel through the plot hole!

by Bargaintuan
Hi. I'm looking for a job as a pirate.
Well, it just so happens we have an opening.

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