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Fearlessly going where every pretentious fanboy **** has gone before with comics, E.B. will shock and amaze you, or not.
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by Ernest_Brown
Mr. Scratch and his aide Judas Goat discuss the promotion of evil.
Now, remember, you'll use your mind control powers to take over the "anti-war" left for Saddam.
Ahh, I hate to tell you this, Chief, but they're already on his side!
Edmund Burke, call your office.
What? He's a racist, fascist, ecocidal, -genocidal- maniac. I couldn't create a composite of all the evils they claim to hate and do a more credible job of it!
What can I say, Boss? Your campaign to destroy moral objectivity and basic decency has really taken them by storm. Now, there isn't even a pretense of progressivism. "Itching ears," you know.
Talk about self-fulfilling judgment!
Excuse me, I'm going to have to void some ectoplasm in a very unpleasant manner.
Yep, it's hard to be a self-respecting demon while associating with these creeps. The Enemy is really dealing out the punishment to us on this one.
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