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Fearlessly going where every pretentious fanboy **** has gone before with comics, E.B. will shock and amaze you, or not.
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by Ernest_Brown
(He's daydreaming again!) Ahem, excuse me, Your Satanic Majesty, but I have to report that our efforts to thwart Saddam's removal are failing!
Blast! It's like I always say, relying on the French is like leaning on a broken reed.
Why, exactly, are they so anxious to support our continuing efforts at immiserating the Iraqis and increasing world tension?
Well, they have a long philosophical tradition of collaboration with evil in the name of "liberation," they love to act as neo-colonial oppressors and they thought that Jerry Lewis was a film genius.
Baal-Zebub's Boils! I was with you right until that last statement. Now I'll have to rid my mind of his eldrich horror!
What can you expect from a culture that's founded on the notion of never going into another person's bathroom? Just thinking about that anal-retentive foulness makes me shudder!
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