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by evil_d
In the dystopian near future, motorcycle gangs roam the highways, while the police can't even afford to hire janitors.
If only people didn't spend all of their money on car customization, eh? Well, I'm off to act ridiculous for an hour so you'll know how scary I am.
Those thugs killed my partner and I'm... upset! There's only one thing to do now: quit and go on vacation with my family.
Let's visit scenic Dangerousville and split up a lot!
Those thugs killed my family and I'm... bothered! There's only one thing to do now: sink to their level.
I like that moral, but not as much as I liked my right foot.

by kaufman
Congratulations on winning CC 588. That comic was one of your best.
I know. No bigger losers than Congress, and I managed to pun all 535 of them in one strip.
It was hilarious. Just thinking about it gives me a Boehner.
Wait, what did you say?
I said that just thinking about it gives me a ...
FUCK! Of all those losers, how could I have forgotten Mr. Orange Sunshine himself? I'm ruined! I'll be disqualified! AAAAUUUGGGH!!!

by evil_d
Ah, now there's a mighty fine-looking castle.
What—? Where'd it go?
Goddamn castle rustlers!

by kaufman
You know, I dropped eight tabs of acid at the party last night.
I'm seeing deformed giant hallucinations coming out of my carpet, and I'm talking to them.
You do that every week. Everyone knows that.
Ah, but did you know I have a handkerchief here to match your tie?

Your gallbladder is divided into three parts.
by evil_d, 9-04-14

by kaufman
Hey, Max, what's with all the barking today?
Oh, you know how I like rolling in and eating deer poop. You're always teasing me about it.
So? Are you trying to call Bambi over or something?
No, nothing like that. My human promised me a fresh supply as long as I kept barking.
Earlier ...
I'm telling you, if you keep barking, I am going to get you neutered!

by TheGovernor
Everyone knows about my apprentice Plato
No-one ever seems to remember my other three students though...
...Knifo, Forko and Spoono

by kaufman
People wonder why I had my hordes rampaging across Asia, laying waste to everything in sight.
My wife's like "Genghis, ever since you quit drinking, you've had some serious anger issues."
I tell her, I'm hardly angry. In fact I'm doing just what they said, taking one steppe at a time! ... THANK YOU, I'll be in Minsk next week.

Stake my wife, please.
by kaufman, 8-01-14

by evil_d
Today's game continues a big rivalry between you and the home team, Jesse. Rumor is you've devised a new play for the occasion.
That's right. See, we hike the ball to the quarterback, then he deflates it and eats it. Then he walks to the end zone and craps it out.
Then we leave the stadium, find a phone book, look up all the home team's grandmas, go to their houses, and crap on them.
Uh... and what do you call this new play?
The Aristocrats!

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