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by kaufman
Oh ****, the mine's caved in. And you and Tim and I are the only ones down here.
We're going to be stuck down here and we'll probably starve to death. God, I'm already hungry.
You know, suddenly I feel less hungry. I think I'll take a nap.
Me too. Hmmm ... I wonder where Timothy went.
Hey, wake up. I think I hear rescuers coming to get us.
About time. It's scary when two people are trapped alone in a dark mine.

by kaufman
Day 1
Hey dude, you got a name or something?
Day 3
C'mon, man, tell me your name.
Day 9
Shit man, I let that horse go, but I never found out his name.

by kaufman
Goodbye honey, I'm off to war.
I wish you wouldn't. I worry about you. Don't be stupid and try to be a hero or something. Promise you'll come back in one piece.
I need a volunteer to go on a dangerous mission. You have a chance to be a real hero.
I'm your man.
We regret to inform you that Billy was killed in battle. Rest assured, he was a true hero.

by kaufman
What do you think so far?
Those are quite interesting, but I think you're forgetting something.
Oh don't worry, there's a boatload of disco coming up.
No, not that. You're posting this to a comic contest thread and it has nothing to do with the theme of the contest.
You're right, I totally forgot. Maybe we can find something in here that fits the theme ...

by kaufman
This package came for you.
Oh yeah, I've been waiting for it.
What's in it?
A new collection from K-Tel: Graphic novelizations of bad songs from the seventies.
Let's give a few a listen to, shall we?

by kaufman
With only four reindeer to pull my sleigh, we can't have Christmas this year, Blitzen. Any idea where Comet and Rudolph and Olive and Dancer and Cupid and Prancer are?
Uh, I don't know. Did you look under your boot?
And why are you guys calling yourselves the Donner party anyway?
I guess "Vixen" just sounds too silly.
And HEY, why are you looking at me that way?
Do you have any idea of your protein content?

by kaufman
Hello, Discount Superheroes R Us? I want to rip off the Vatican as payback for what a priest did to me when I was young.
We'll send someone right over!
Hello, good citizen! I'm Doesn't-Hear-The-First-Two-Letters-Of-Every-Word-Spoken-To-Me Man. What can I do for you?
Cheat Rome!

by kaufman
I've been diagnosed anorexic.
And I just found out I'm dyslexic.
I don't want to eat
You are so frusrdteat,
Wihle standerunding me takes on ompyltexic.

by kaufman
A fight prop that gyrates and whirls ... Is about to run over some squirrels.
My attention span's lacking, The next panel's blacking ...

by kaufman
Hi mom.
Look at you! Have you put on a few pounds?
360 days a year:
And don't forget to be sure to get some exercise. You need to stay in shape!
Ok, I will, mom.
But on the eve of the big snowstorm ...
For god's sake, don't shovel the driveway yourself. You'll kill yourself! Find someone to do it.

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