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by kaufman
Heh heh heh heh!
What are you in for?
Tory statue ****.

by evil_d, 12-09-14

by kaufman
I finally cracked the Nazi code. Let's see what they're saying. B-E-S-U- ...
This could turn the whole war! It says "Be sure to" ...
Be sure to drink your Ovaltine? Ovaltine? A crummy commercial? Son of a *****! The Krauts have been wasting our time with spam.

by kaufman

by evil_d
Mr. Darcy, your lack of interest in conversation or dancing makes you the rudest person I've ever met! I hate you!
I hate you too, Miss Bennet. No, wait, I changed my mind. I like you because, in your convoluted circumlocution, you occasionally express your actual opinion.
Terrible news, Miss Elizabeth/Eliza/Lizzy! Your sister Lydia has disappeared with a young man! I'm not worried that she's hurt but I am worried that they might be having premarital sex!
That's awful, Mr. Dad! Let's hope we can pay him enough money to marry her, since certainly nobody would do it for any other reason.
Good news, Mr. Dad! Mr. Darcy has solved Lydia's problems by throwing money at them, and now he's going to solve my problems by marrying me!
Well, that sounds right and proper all around. Does he have any brothers? Because I still have some unmarried daughters....

by evil_d
Of all the Hooters, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.
Play it, Sam. Play "The Humpty Dance".
But what about us?
We'll always have the back of my Volkswagen.

by kaufman
Nice car, Q. What does that button do?
Be very careful, 007. When pressed, this activates a dental floss dispenser.
And who do I have the pleasure of being rescued by?
My name is Labial Chlamydia.
Before you kill me, Goldfinger, will you at least tell me about Operation Grand Slam?
Of course, Mr. Bond. I take you to Denny's for breakfast. What did you think it was?

by kaufman
There you are! Thank god, I was so worried about you. Where were you all weekend?
In the shower shampooing. The instructions said "Lather, Rinse, Repeat", so I did, until the bottle ran out. Speaking of which, I've got to go.
I need a gallon of shampoo.
Already? Honey, you just bought one two days ago.

by kaufman
I was reading about palindromes in those dictionaries I found.
Oh yeah, and what are they?
Books that have words and their definitions, but that's not the point.
Yeah, yeah, you got me. So what did you do then?
I spent the afternoon rooting around in my dad's basement.
You really shouldn't do that. You never know what you'll find there.

by kramer_vs_kramer
Honey, did you pay the electricity bill?
Yes, darling.
Are you sure about that? You definitely paid the bill? You didn't take the money and spend it on booze and crack?

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