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You wanted to see me, doc?
Yes Mr Pitt. We're a little concerned about your wife. Remember when we told her she had a chance of breast cancer, so she had a mastectomy?
Yes, and then there was that time she found out she had a chance of ovarian cancer, so she got those removed too.
Well, we just discovered she has a 50% chance of skin cancer.
Angie, this has to stop.

by kaufman
Yes, Captain, this is definitely the end of the rainbow, but I am not detecting any life, nor am I detecting any pots of gold.

by TheGovernor
We're having an Irish Party for 'Paddys day, you're supposed to be wearing something green, not any old fancy dress.
Well I thought I'd dress as something that exemplifies the Irish experience,
so I've come as a Pint of Guinness

by kaufman, 3-17-15

by evil_d
Now, once you're on Mars you'll need to establish an interim government until you can elect your own governor, congresspeople, and so forth. Under the Constitution—
Yeah, you may want to call Betsy Ross back and tell her not to sew that 51st star just yet.
What do you mean? This is a NASA mission, and obviously you're going to need—
Surely the US knows better than anyone the folly of trying to govern a colony in a remote location. I figure we'll skip the revolution and just govern ourselves from the start.
Well if that's the way you feel then you're off the mission. The position of captain will fall to your second-in-command. Mister... Han****?
John Han**** the Tenth, sir. Where do I sign?

by evil_d
Here I am, the first human to walk on Mars. That's one small step for... H.G. Wells?! What are you doing here?
The Martians were so impressed by my flattering portrayal of their civilization, they invited me to live here as an honored guest!
Okay... but... you've got to be almost 200 years old by now! How are you still alive?
The wonders of Martian medicine, my boy!
Does that mean anal probes?
So many anal probes.

by kaufman
Holy ****. Earthupials!

by kaufman
Heard from Wirthling lately?
Yeah, he's gotten a job in the Middle East making ISIS videos.
He'll be a natural.

Grr! Womack and Womack has eaten your friends' babies!
Thanks Womack!
This is going to be great, without those kids getting in the way it'll be just like old times.
So... anyone fancy a pint?

by evil_d
Good to see you again, Gabe! What have you been up to these past few years?
Sodomizing llamas. And you?
The same! Hey, you ever think of sodomizing something else, like, I don't know, a donkey?
Don't be ridiculous! I've never sodomized a donkey and I never will.
Best 50 bucks I've ever spent. Thanks, man.
You said you'd give me your sister's number too.

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