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by evil_d
Hello, can I help you?
yeah i gotta appointment for the 22th
Um... today's only the 19th.
yeah thats right i gotta appointment for the 19th for 22th
I'm not understanding. Are you saying you have a 19th appointment and a 22nd appointment?
i think yer dentist is gonna need longer'n twenty second to look at my twenty tooth

by kaufman
Hi, Liz.
Hey, Bobby Sue, how was your date last night?
Awful, boring. He was no excitement whatsoever. I need something more! Where are all the bad boys?
Let me guess. You'd be turned on by being driven home by some drunk tattooed guy in a beat-up pickup who's missing a few teeth.
Oh, god, yes! That would be so romantic. But where would I find a guy like that?
I have good news. There's a new app available for download. It's called gUber.

by kaufman
2:00 PM: Takeoff ifrom Kathmandu
1:45 PM: Flying over Afghanistan
1:15 PM: Ready to land in Baghdad
Don't you love these Concordes?
Yeah, but not half as much as I dig weird time zones.

by evil_d
7 am
I need seventy 2x4s and some wood screws. I'm building a deck!
8 am
Okay, turns out I need a bunch more stuff. Some landscape stakes, wood glue, primer, sealer, a saw, and a lot more lumber in different sizes.
9 am
What do you need now?
The phone number of a good contractor.

by evil_d

by evil_d
I asked you to make something that I could award to the winner of our pinewood derby.
But what I unwrapped, in front of the whole troop and their parents, was a small statue of what appeared to be a feline's hindquarters.
Is that a problem?
Problem?? It's a catasstrophy!

by evil_d
Sorry, your password must be at least seven characters long, and must contain at least one of each of these: a lowercase letter, an uppercase letter, a number, a punctuation mark,
an emoji, a kanji, a kireji, a hieroglyph, a space, a backspace, an onomatopoeia, a chemical formula, a catchy tune,
a line from one of the lost plays of Aristophanes, Donald Trump's adjusted gross income for any year, a verse of scripture from the one true religion,

by evil_d
Son! Someone hacked my face book again!
I keep telling you, Dad, this wouldn't happen if you used stronger passwords. You can't keep using "123456" for everything.
One two three four five SIX? Look at mister fancy pants over here!

by evil_d
What ho, Secundus!
Well met, Streptococcus! Are you going down to watch the crucifixions today?
Oh, they've outlawed that barbarous practice. Replaced it with something more humane.
Please just crucify me.

by evil_d
What ho, Publius!
Well met, Toysrus! Are you going to the Colosseum today to watch the lions fight?
I heard they couldn't get any lions. Had to use substitutes.
Substitutes? Like what?

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