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by TheGovernor
Welcome to hell, where your soul will burn in eternal torment for your sins
Um, it's a bit cold for that isn't it?
Sorry about that. Hopefully it should warm up after Inauguration Day. Last year was a bit of a strange one for us
We did open a ski school though. In the meantime do try the Brexit Black run, and the Trump half pipe

by kaufman
I saw you were busy this week, Grimmy.
You know it! The holiday season is always good for me, and this year's angst just adds to it.
But your taking both Carrie Fisher and her mother within a day of each other ... Don't you think that was going a bit too far?
Awww, come on, you know I can't resist a bargain. And this year's Christmas deals were simply spectacular!
Christmas deals?
Sure. Their family had a "die one, get one free" sale.

by TheGovernor
Ext. Central America, 3000 years B.C
So, I've just finished the Calendar, man those calculations were a ball-ache
Cool, so we're good for another five thousand years or so..... Wait did you remember to carry the one in the Katun column?
Ahh crap, and it's gone to the stone printers now
Screw it, what's four years at the end going to matter anyway?
Ext. 2016
Bloody Mayans

by evil_d
Mr. President, I got the Big League Chew you asked for. It's on your desk.
What? I didn't ask you for a Big League Chew, I called you a big league Jew.
By the way, you're fired. Everyone knows Jews are no good at politics. Sad!
I can't believe I came in on the Sabbath for this.

by kaufman
With earth heating up and everything, something had to be done.
And then I remembered that old movie where a guy plays chess with Death.
So I challenged a personification of Global Warming to a game, winner take all.
Little did he know, I was a Grandmaster. After 20 moves I was up a knight and a pawn. I had him on the ropes.
So what the heck happened?
He just grinned, and next thing I know, there were puddles of liquid plastic where all my pieces had been.

The next day
by evil_d, 11-24-16

by evil_d
Jeez, Marcia. What's with the grim reaper costume?
This isn't a costume, it's a solar panel cloak. I decided I should start using clean energy sources to power my personal electronics.
So it takes all that surface area just to charge your phone?
I don't have a cell phone. This cloak is for powering my Hitachi Magic Staff.

by kaufman
I have your prayer summary for the day. At #3, 200 million people want Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to choke on each other's vomit. At #2, 1.4 billion want peace in the Middle East.
Hmmmm ... that one finally got knocked from the top spot. What in the world beat it?
Apparently, this is becoming a bigger crisis. 2.3 billion prayed for an end to global warming.
I think I can take care of that one for them. I'll just turn off the sun.

by kramer_vs_kramer
Stop, thief! Get out of my house!
I'm not a thief, I'm an alt-shopper.
Oh, that's okay then. Carry on.
Hang on a minute...

by TheGovernor
Hello, is this God's complaints department? I'd like to register a faulty year. Yes that's right, 2016 has just got a little too silly
Look you've had 11 months of it, we can't take it back now, it's all used, besides we don't know where it's been
I don't care. It is a defective year and I want a refund
Look if this is about all those celebrity deaths, or that election result I'm afraid that's just part and parcel of the intricacies of life, you'll just have to deal with it I'm afraid
On the contrary this is due to the fact that you've made a Scotsman the worlds number one tennis player
Ahh I see your point

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