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by kaufman
I'm starting to worry about the boy.
Everything was fine until we got there, and then he tensed up and started saying, "I see dead people."
He wouldn't stop until we left. He was creating quite the scene.
Well, maybe taking little Clark to Smallville Cemetery wasn't the best idea.

My husband and I are going to adopt.
I don't think I'll ever have kids.
You really don't need an excuse for some young thing to call you, "Daddy."

by evil_d
Hello, Ms. West, this is your gynecologist's office calling.
You've been postponing your appointment for a while, but it's very important.
I'm afraid we must go down and see you sometime.

by kaufman
We are reporting live from the funeral of game show host Monty Hall. His long-time announcer, Jay Stewart, is approaching the casket ...
And now, per his will, one of the many mourners here has been selected to receive a bequest of $500.
Now, Mr. Hall's family is asking her if she wants to keep the money or trade it for what's in the box Jay Stewart is standing next to.

by kaufman
Hey Gabe, do you know what happened to Japan? I don't see it down there.
Really? Hmmmmm ... you're right. Let me try to get some information on what happened.
select * from past 7 days where country = 'Japan';
You won't believe this. Our buddy Jesus ate it yesterday.
Oh crap. I told the kid a hundred times that he is NOT the Son of Godzilla.

by evil_d
Please don't be alarmed. We merely need to run a few tests to update our data on your species.
Are you going to use one of those anal probes on me?
Oh heavens no. Those are old technology.
Oh, thank god.
These urethral probes are much more sophisticated.

I'm going to hit the dance floor.
I'll be here.
I should check on my friend...
How long do you want to stay?
As long as they have gin.

by evil_d
It's not fair for me to be treated differently just because I'm white.

by evil_d
I don't know where I went wrong with you, son. You're fat, lazy, and unemployed. You've spent the last 3 days smoking pot and watching TV non-stop. What are you even doing with your life?
Proving white supremacists wrong.
Carry on, then.

by evil_d
Look, I didn't ask for white people to be naturally more intelligent.
I'm just saying, since we are, it only makes sense for our society to be organized accordingly.
Let me ask you, what all are you doing with your naturally superior intelligence?
Yesterday I solved the New York Times crossword puzzle in 30 minutes.
Thursdays are for chumps. Call me back when you can solve a Saturday.

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