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by TheGovernor
After that I started dating a Web browser
Yeah it was love at first site
So what happened?
After a while she didn't seem to want to connect. We were never on the same page, then when she started using third party plugins again I knew it was over, it's all deleted history now
URL always have Paris

by TheGovernor
I was an objectophilliac for a while
Oh Really?
Yeah I wound up having an affair with an elevator
How did that work out?
To be honest it was a bit of an up and down relationship

by TheGovernor
I once won a major contract with a credit card company in the city to reupholster the offices of their goods reclaimation teams but it went badly
How so?
I accidentally ordered yards and yards of the wrong fabric
That doesn't seem too bad
Well the Repo Cushions were felt for miles around

So I bought a new crockery set online, and they've only gone and shipped it to the Arctic circle by mistake, bah!
Sounds like a case of "buy polar       dish-order"
by TheGovernor, 9-14-16

Where are the condoms?
Family Planning is in aisle 10.
Butt sex doesn't cause babies, I just want to ****.

by kaufman
Inspired by the successful 1990s series, Dr. Sam Beckett once again finds himself transported through time into other people's bodies.
Oh boy, I'm a fireman!
I've got control of this. I can put this fire ou ... hey, wait! My arm is falling off!
History corrected, he jumps to infect another body. See what happens on the next episode of QUANTUM LEPER.

by TheGovernor
That's it Europe we're through, I'm leaving you
It's for the best really
It's not you, it's me
Actually I just realised you own all the cool CDs and have a better friend circle
Oh ****, maybe this wasn't such a good idea

by evil_d
Illegal aliens? How'd you get in here? I built a wall and everything!
I'm not the kind of alien that's from Mexico, I'm the kind of alien that's from outer space.
Well then I'll build a wall around the whole planet if that's what it takes!

Anything interesting on the convention coverage?
Elizabeth Warren is visiting the Clinton family box.
Rachel Maddow?

by kaufman
How ya doin'?
All right. That's quite an outfit you've got on there. What are you supposed to be?
Can't you tell? I'm the Staten Island Fairy. How 'bout you? What are you?
I'm the George Washington Bridge, of course.
The George Washington Bridge? Then why the Jesus get-up?
Somebody crossed me. Ya gotta problem with dat?

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