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by FrixFrax
Hi, my names Ron Pervert. I'm here to give a sperm sample today
Oh all right Mr. Pervert, if you just take this cup; there are some magazines in there for you including XXX, Cum Sluts Xmas Edition and Asian Girls Smeared in Pie
Oh no, I wont be needing those. I brought some naked pictures of my wife
Oh... well whatever does it for you I suppose, personally I prefer those pie smeared Asian girls, those cranberries and apples just get everywhere. Anyway I digress; you may enter the room now
Hey Dr. Ringworm, you'll never guess what, some poor sap has just brought naked pictures of his wife! Hahahahhaha...
Idiots. Sexy wife here I... oh no these aren’t my wife naked, these are pictures of Margaret Thatcher during her British reign... but I can't masturbate to these! Or can I...? ...Nope, definitely no
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NooniePuuBunny says:

Maybe he could have if Margaret Thatcher was covered in pie.
posted Mar 24th, 2009 ( permalink )

FrixFrax says:

I think we'd all masturbate better if things were covered in pie.
posted Mar 24th, 2009 ( permalink )

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