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by FrixFrax
Hey birthday gurllll! So go on, we're all dying to know, what did he get you???
Aw honey, he has been such a darlin'. He got me one of them chunky bracelets. I've been wearing it all day, it looks just divine!
Hey honey! I found your surprise, and I love it! How did you know I love chunky bracelets?
Whoa honey that ain't no bracelet. Those are my anal beads...
So that's what happened to my sock...
I once tricked my young cousin to the drink the contents of the tube from my blind Grandma's home enema kit - whilst in use (I told him it was chocolate milk) ... I'm going to hell now *sighs*

by FrixFrax
Hi, my names Ron Pervert. I'm here to give a sperm sample today
Oh all right Mr. Pervert, if you just take this cup; there are some magazines in there for you including XXX, Cum Sluts Xmas Edition and Asian Girls Smeared in Pie
Oh no, I wont be needing those. I brought some naked pictures of my wife
Oh... well whatever does it for you I suppose, personally I prefer those pie smeared Asian girls, those cranberries and apples just get everywhere. Anyway I digress; you may enter the room now
Hey Dr. Ringworm, you'll never guess what, some poor sap has just brought naked pictures of his wife! Hahahahhaha...
Idiots. Sexy wife here I... oh no these aren’t my wife naked, these are pictures of Margaret Thatcher during her British reign... but I can't masturbate to these! Or can I...? ...Nope, definitely no

by FrixFrax
Hey Ron, get in here, Sandra has just sent us a video, 2 Girls 1 Cup. Aw I bet it's a video of the twins using those new sippy cups we got them for Christmas. Oh shoot, phone...
Oh hi Sandra, yes we just got your email...
...Oh Barb, there's been a terrible mistake. Howard has accidentally sent you a video meant for one of his drinking buddies...
Barb, what the hell is this? Is this the sort of material save the rainforest is using now??? Hang on, is that chocolate pudding or is that... oh boy... those filthy... disgusting... PERVERTS!

by FrixFrax
Perverts! Filthy disgusting perverts!
What's the matter dear?
It's that music channel, one of those so called RnB videos, scantily clad women shaking all sorts of body parts, and I don't mean their jazz hands
Oh come on now dear, you know what it's like these days. Sex sells
Well I don't need it on my TV thanks. If I wanted to see someone gyrate their hips I'd watch your mother do her physiotherapy exercises

So uh, when did you decide to become a goth?
I think it was the day I caught my Dad ****ing Tickle Me Elmo
by FrixFrax, 3-16-09

by FrixFrax
Hey Clara. So like yesterday I was reading in my teen magazine that you should totally be mean to boys so they know you like them...
Yuh huh, and you've been totally crushing on Donnie haven't you?
Like duh. So uh yesterday I was all "Hey Donnie, you know your **** is so small that maybe you should go play world of warcraft or something"
He's totally gonna know you like him now!
Totally. And you know what, I think when he stops crying, he'll even ask me to the prom

by Kaddar

by FrixFrax
Oh Jake, yerrrr!! Yerrrr! Ride me! *jack jack*
Oh for the love of mercy! Are you jacking off to that there Brokeback Mountain again?
Now Bill, we both know Brokeback Mountain is the only thing with homosexual content a gay cowboy can get away with watching in this town
But I'm not gay George
Oh really. So what was that there time in the barn house when you let me suck yer ding-a-ling-ling?
Oh my God! I thought we agreed, that was a mistake, we'd both had too moonshine and...

by FrixFrax
I think you're freaking out too much; it's natural for your wife to feel like she wants kids...
But then I won’t be able to drink beer... as much. Hang on, that's my phone... Oh God, my wife has just been taken to the hospital, I better go!
Hello Mr. Smith, I have to inform you that your wife...
Please not pregnancy, please not pregnancy, please not pregnancy...
...had a hysterectomy operation today.

by FrixFrax
Yeah, one of the important things about being a Dad is keeping kids safe
Ja ja, safe
Hey Dad, me and Billy are just taking the shortcut to the old desolated house, and then we're gonna fly our kites at the railway tracks, see ya later!
Haha, okay champ. Wait a minute! You boys be sure to wash your hands after handling that kite, it's dusty after being in the attic, don't want you to catch a sniffle
Hygiene is always a very important issue to me, I'm like, a very modern Dad
Ja ja, Dad

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