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by RedfeatheR, 1-13-17

by RedfeatheR
This is my life. Hovering in the middle of nowhere, no one around for miles, in an airtight slap-stink brick-****house. There's bloody-wall-****. I'm not even sure what tha-.. littlehandprints
Nothing to ruin pumping pre-baby batter like the crusting and lumping of post-baby splatter

by RedfeatheR
Why the long pause? I asked you if you tested positive for crabby's.
What the **** are you talking about?

by RedfeatheR
Dear God, ... and Satan. Please change my religion to one that contains no damnation and free healthcare.
The system as a whole must be replaced. I offer up my prayer as a vote. I hope my support of the system is a clear sign that I desire true reformations.
Satan sent me to tell you that God said that they both support damnation and don't care what you want. Vote for a winner.

by RedfeatheR
I'm hoooome and you would NOT believe the DAY I've had!
I'm in here...
This is too weird... I'm not quite sure what to believe. I'm tired of waiting and not asking and you not saying............. It stopped being funny years ago.
Stop pretending that punishing me all day means nothing to you.

by RedfeatheR
MY CHILD! Why are you calmly allowing my raggety spawn to sup upon your chest?
Hey lemme get a sup- wait one cotton tittin' minute... If you only have tw- Did you ever have three chest-fat-flapjacks?
My son calls them that. He's very clever... CFFJ's for short.... He pronounces the abbreviation though.... When he sneezes he pops wood because of the intense similarity between "CFFJs" and a sneeze

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What the **** are you talking about?
by RedfeatheR, 9-20-14

by RedfeatheR
Ah gcave whud a good... Nod nanuff furrry yOU PRRIIIICCKKSkz!!!!
GET THUvfff.... The ****. me downnow

by RedfeatheR
Another child left you a present Sire!
Curious. Jeffrey, why do these children not want to meet me yet leave me presents? Like, where's the one who left this one?
I'm present.

by RedfeatheR
No wait don't!
But it's my only outlet
I need to plug these numbers or else I can't dertermine the present budget. Is there something you want to tell me?
You're gonna be shocked
See, I'm not even angry. Your honesty is appriciated

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