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by Ranger77
A somewhat big story today: A 20 year old with an inflated resume is "Rude-boy's" (Rudy G's) personal assistant!
I'm fierce! I've watched every Power Rangers episode!
Some right wing pundits are upset that she is facing scrutiny....
I was Queen of the World. I invented the Internet, Cialis and Pop-Tarts!
...but they are confident in her abilities to be a political dynamo!
As soon as I get done stretching I'm going to make a YouTube video about my new makeup line.
She makes me happy pappy!

Sir! All the employees down stairs are sick and acting weird. It could be an epidemic or zombie outbreak!
Your point is?
We need to get out before we all get infected!
Oh, management knows all about it. We've even been exposed and there has been no effect on us.
So it's not a zombie outbreak?
Nope. Just a simple staff infection.

by Ranger77
Protecting our country against the DEEP STATE. An elite team of TRUE PATRIOTS. They are THE KAG-GERS!
I'm Devin Nunes. In my true form. I am proud to have Putin's brand on my behind. BIIITCH!
Teddy Cruz right here, pardner! Treat me like a ***** as long as you be GOP! Yo. Word to ya motha!
The TRUE Conservative voices for a NEW generation!
Rude-boy be ME, Rudy G! I took a train to Ukraine in da Purple Rain didn't do Cocaine...I must refrain!
And I'm Jeffery.
Our Nanny. He gives us our medication, and tucks us in at night to keep the monsters under the bed from coming out.

by Ranger77
And you are here in that outfit because...?
Looking for Ukrainians. Teddy and Rude-boy said they were here.
Teddy and Rude-boy?
They my homies. We riding like troops through this mother****a!
Homies. Really.
I'm trying to grow the base. Don't hate.

by Ranger77
You're Devin Nunes aren't you?
Shhhh. I'm in disguise.

by mycatdrinkswine
So I heard the one manager is gone. And not voluntarily. Unfortunately, that was after she was able to push me out.
Apparently, she got confused about the #MeToo movement.
Schadenfreude. :)
It didn't mean she too could harass. Career ended. (Thankfully, the other party appears to be doing well in all aspects.)

by choadwarrior
What time is it? I need to scoot.
You mean you need to scratch your butt across the carpet like a dog?
No, I need to leave.
I do.

by mycatdrinkswine
In which I translate the BS that was actually said...
Basically, I have no idea what I'm doing and neither does your bar manager.
It was easier for me to support her even though she did some terrible things. You also had good points, but I just don't like conflict.
Corporate is giving me the opportunity to leave to save face. The bar manager is also now gone to save face for the venue.
This after you took me, a valuable and long-time loyal employee, off the schedule indefinitely. Good job corporate!

by edoggydog
Sure, I'll tell you why my wife kicked my ass... AGAIN!
Be honest... Do you think I have a "beach body"?
More like a beached-whale body!
You told me to be honest.

by edoggydog
I'll tell you what REALLY caused my son, Neal's eyes to bulge...
So, you're saying you'll have sex with me tonight as long as I practice tantric sex? What's that?
It's where a man orgasms multiple times without releasing a single drop of semen.
Three hours later...
That felt great! Was it good for you?
I guess.

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