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by edoggydog
I saw a major bust downtown during my lunch break...
What was the crime?
I never said there was a crime.
I'm not following you.
Can I help you?
I'm good.

I'm sorry sir, but you can't park your car in this lot. It's too commercial.
What makes it "too commercial"?
There is a huge advertisement for Ford right there on your car! That's very commercial!
It's the brand of the car! What do you suggest I drive?
You can drive what I do. A plain white van with no windows or markings.
That reminds me, have you also noticed the lack of children in our neighborhood recently?

Dude! There's a nursery you can take your kid to, You don't have to bring them to the service.
Sorry about that. I didn't mean to disturb you
That's okay
It's just that some of us are trying to sleep.

by edoggydog
Sure, I'll tell you why my wife kicked my ass. Again.
I saw you speaking to evil_d earlier... What's he whining about now?
He says the **** running our community's HOA won't let him put the color roof he wants on his own home!
I run the HOA!
I know.

by edoggydog
...and that's how I discovered Crest toothpaste makes great spackle for rectum fissures!
Meanwhile, in the catagory of life's not fair, Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy! has just been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer!
What is, "Dead Man Walking"?

by arbi
i need to start making these again
i am not doing well
i spend the day in bed
which looks more like this

by edoggydog
Tell me what you see when you look into my eyes...
Okay, I see-
I said my EYES, not my chest, dip****!
Oh. Sorry.

by edoggydog
Did you hear? Will Smith is going to play the father of Vanessa and Serena Williams in a new biopic of their lives...
However, some in the black community are upset because they say Will is way too light-skinned to play the sisters' dark-skinned father.
Maybe, he could wear blacker face.

Colton? What happened?
Well, after I jumped the fence, I decided that I quit. I can't do it anymore.
Do what? Stand there and look pretty while you get paid and have all these women pretend to be in love with you and offer you sex to prove it?
Yeah, that.
So you're gay, stupid, or both. Do you also make online comics under the user names edoggydog and RandomComicLayoutGuy?
How the hell do you know my user names?!

by evil_d
I have a number of complaints about my meal. For starters, the "guacamole" I ordered was just a whole, overripe avocado.
Ah, yes, I'm afraid our chef quit while he was in the middle of making it.
It was also thrown at my head instead of being carried to my table.
Yes, I believe the waiter also quit on his way out of the kitchen.
And another one of your staff loudly called me a "crack *****".
Okay, you got me. This isn't a restaurant; it's the alley behind 7-11 and you're in the middle of a bum fight.

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