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Why are you buying all the toilet paper?
Jake's gonna force me to stay in my house.
Why are you wearing a face mask in the office?
I heard Jake was contagious.
Why are all the old people dying?
Jake killed them.

Hey Rags, we are having spaghetti tonight and ironically enough we have no Ragu for you.
It can't be my turn to go to the store. Besides, we have no face masks and Deb won't make any.
Trump said you could use anything to cover your mouth.
I'll see what I can find.
You think these bed sheets will work?
Oh the guys at Kroger are gonna have a heyday with this!

Hey! You're a ninja!
No. I'm not a ninja.
You're wearing a face mask indoors. You must be a store employee!
Nope. I don't work here.
You're wearing a face mask indoors. You're not a ninja or a store employee, so that means you must be...
A Biden supporter.

Ah, Jerry. You will be missed.
You filled your roles on Seinfeld and King of Queens with so much life. In fact, looking at you now,
I don't think you've ever been stiller.

Come on Richie, There's really no need to be that upset.
Erectile dysfunction happens to a lot of men your age.
Yeah, but it's personal. There was no need to put that story in the news.
That's not what the papers meant when they reported that Little Richard had died.

Dear Fag: Is every Tuesday Taco Tuesday for lesbians?
Of do they just call it Tuesday?
Dear Cinco de Mayonaise: Every day is Taco Day for lesbians...
Until three months later when they move in together and adopt cats.

Why won't this computer work? What is the issue?!
Ugh! You stupid pile of garbage!
Huh. You used to greet me with "Hey, sweetie", but I see things are different now.

For the last time, I'm not Anne Hathaway and you're married.
I know. But Anne Hathaway is my hall pass and you look so much like her that my wife will never know, so it really would not be cheating if she's okay with it.
For the last time, I'm not Gwyneth Paltrow!

Hey, Linda Tripp, the whistle blower of the Clinton scandals, died.
Linda Tripp?
I though Monica Lewinskiy was the whistle blower.
No, she was the ***** blower.

How soon after this is over do you think we will get together?
You're the first person I want to see.
Because you'll spread faster than this virus.

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