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Hey Dad, why is Nicki Manaj like a G6?
I don't know what either of those things are.

by ivytheplant
Nadine gazed lustily at Ethan as he dimmed the bedroom lights.
He turned around and walked towards her, only one thing on his mind.
"Sulsul! Plerg majah bliff?"

You've been in there for a while now. Are you okay?
Just fine. I'm just rubbing one out thinking about Tom Brady.
This is not what I meant when I said you could join my fantasy football league.

Hell of a night. Goats blood and pentograms always make me hungry the next morning!
I made those thin french pancakes you like.
Aw, ****. I just dropped them. Here, I'll pick 'em up.
Get your filthy paws off my damn dirty crepes!

My husband and I are going to adopt.
I don't think I'll ever have kids.
You really don't need an excuse for some young thing to call you, "Daddy."

I guess you heard Tom Petty died.
I guess you're about to make a joke about it.
No way! His death is a tragedy!
You feel that way?
Sure do. The whole situation is a heartbreaker.

Why are you so happy all the time?
I love my wife!
Sure do! We have anal sex all the time!
Wow! That sounds amazing!
Sure is! We do it so much, I think we may have worn out the strap-on!

I'm going to hit the dance floor.
I'll be here.
I should check on my friend...
How long do you want to stay?
As long as they have gin.

You hear about the big asteroid heading our way?
Yeah. I think I'll stay here and avoid the massive migration. The news blows things way out of proportion.
My mom packed everything up and took off. I bet she's stuck behind a hairy Mammoth butt as we speak!
Excuse me fellas.
And you are?
I'm the big-ass droid your momma warned you about.

I'd like a pizz-- uh... Are you Matt Damon?
Yep. What can I get you?
I wanted a supreme pizza but noticed that you offer a "white supreme" pizza. I'm assuming it's made with alfrado sauce and chicken.
Nope. It's the same pizza. We just take Kevin off the line and force Javier to make it by himself but only pay him half his normal wage while he does.

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