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With Hurricane Barry headin' this way, I'd better board up this here broken door.
I wonder if I got some spare boards in the attic I ain't a usin'.
That should do 'er!

Welcome to the Ross Perot memorial celebration.
That's weird. I thought Ross Perot would be here. I guess I'll try next door.
Welcome to the Ross Perot memorial celebration.
He's not here either? What's the deal?
If you want to see Mr. Perot, you'll have to wait for the third party.

GOOD NEWS! We've discovered a cure for HIV in mice!
Do you know what this means?
I don't have to worry anymore about you making Larry ass **** me bareback in front of all the lab technicians?
Right! You'll get to enjoy it now!

Dinner's almost ready. Call your brother.
Hey **** bag, **** wad, **** muffin!
What? You didn't tell me what to call him.

Tabby Cat! I choose you!
Alley Cat! I choose you!
*hack* *hack* *hack*

It was the coldest winter I could remember in recent memory. That proves global warming is a myth!
Well it gets so hot each summer that my skin melts off, so that's gotta mean something about climate change.
How are we going to end this debate?
I don't think we can. People have been debating this since at least the early 80s.
So the debate has taken about as long as it has taken this contest to develop.

What the hell?!
Wilford Brimley?
I am the ghost of Diabeetus Future.
What happened to the ghosts of Diabeetus Past and Present?
To be honest, those two ships have sailed. Now grab your swollen feet and get in the ambulance.

What are you doing?
Just reading this comic. There is a contest to see who can make the most offensive joke and one guy chose to offend the guy running the conest.
I hope the guy running the contest has thick skin.
Why do you say that?
Just imagine if a guy on a comic site got so offended by something so stupid that he quit!

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