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Hey, that was a great comic comp you came up with for that "more comic competitions" thread.
I guess.
There were some great enteries too.
If you say so.
Come on! It's been like a year and a ****ing half! Judge the damn thing already!
Don't rush me *******. I'll get to it when I feel like it.

Honey, there's an officer wanting to talk to you about Stephen Hawking's death.
Tell 'em I ain't here!
What's going on? I know you were just at his last symposium but certainly you had nothing to do with his death.
Well what? Didn't he die of Lou Gehrig's?
Let's just say we got drinks after and I woke up to him exploring my black hole...

So what's new?
Well, last night I was motorboating my wife and I got stuck.
It was a booby trap.

Top 10 answers are on the board. Name something you would not want to suddenly stop while riding it.
An airplane!
A man!

You look upset George. What's up?
I donated sperm today. I filled up my sample cup but this black fella had filled his too but his cup was gallon sized!
Did he have a snake tattoo on his right forearm?
By Jove, he did! Why do you ask?
That was my uncle Floyd. He's delivers milk you dumbass!

What are all the white people doing gathered around the front gates?
They are awaiting Billy Graham's arrival.
The son of a ***** finally died, huh?
And he's got groupies?
They call themselves "Graham Crackers", sir.

Hall pass, please.
And who the **** are you supposed to be?
I'm Steve, the new sercurity officer. The schools are now hiring us zombies to strike fear in punks like you.
Shit, I've seen enough movies to know your slow ass couldn't catch me if you tried!
Whoa! What happened to the home ec room?
I heard Billy fighting with the new security guy. He must have said "Bite me!"

Hey! Frozen chicken nuggets for dinner! I love it!
We had an open bag that needed cooked, so I just threw it together.
Sweet! And they're in little Jumanji shapes. I had no idea the Rock was hawking chicken nuggets though.
Why do they taste so awful?
They're from the Robin Williams version.

I just got the quarterly earnings in and I can't believe how little I'm being paid!
Oh my God! Hashtag Me Too!
What? And the way the boss stares at me when I come out of the restroom makes me really uncomfortable.
Oh my God! Hashtag Me Too!
I feel like I can't say anything anymore without ****ing someone off!
Hashtag Me Too, buddy. Hashtag Me Too.

Dear Fag: I'm sorta into this guy, but I saw his nudes and he has a weird looking ****. What do I do?
Dear Sir or Madam...
Do you have eyes in your ass?

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