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... Are you room service?
Do I look like a Mexican to you?

... Good night, and thanks for allowing us into your living room! By the way, your curtains are ugly!
Gimmie a second to pull my pants down
so you can critique my carpet as well!

Just touch it.
I said no!
Just hold the tip then. I promise to do the dishes for a month.
Fine! I'll take the ticket and go to Comic Con with you! Why can't you be a normal guy and beg for anal?

...I must be worse off than I thought. Dial-A-Prayer just called ME!
Which makes me wonder...
When the **** will death return my calls?

I accepted a job in a new city.
What are you going to do with your place?
I just put it on the market.
What about your boyfriend?
I put him on the market, too.

Here lies Joe Jackson.
The first father
to sucessfully beat the black out of his child.

What are you doing Old Man?
I was thinking I'd like to live until I'm 100.
Huh. Well...
The best I can do is 77. Take it or leave it.

The flag's a nice touch, but your waffles still suck. Lay down your apron and get the **** out!

Fine, Phil! Geeze! For ****'s sake! You win the neighborhood cosplay award!

What's with the giant French flag?
When the aliens come I want to win the "Least Likely to Resist During an Invasion" award.

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