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September 23, 1806
Uhngh! Oh yeah! Here it comes! Wait for it! HOLY SACAJAWEA!
Lewis, who's Sacaja-whatever?
Sacajawea. And it's not a person.
Yep. It's a new swear brought over by the British.

What are you eating?
Oh for ****s sake! You're not eating them becuase Dolores O'Riordan the lead singer of the Cranberries just died are you?
Of course not. I'm getting ready to celebrate her return.
Her return?
As a zombie, of course.

by ivytheplant
Welcome to the Great Library of Askendore. Here you may ask questions that will help you on your quest.
I roll to eat some books so I can gain knowledge through osmosis.
I roll to loot the rare book room.
Guys, you're supposed to ask the library a question.
I roll to ask the library if I can eat some books for gaining knowledge through osmosis.
I roll to ask the library to look over there for a minute.
The Great Library of Askendore is revoking your library cards.
I roll to eat my library card.
I roll to steal the DM's book.

The king was so beloved, beloved among the land. He had a heart of gold and ruled with an iron hand ♬ Well that's it for me. I must be off.
Really? Why?
It's been a month. My time is up.
When will your replacement get here?
In about three to five days.
Well that sucks! The king gets so crabby during his minstrel cycle!

So we have now changed the register to only emojis. If someone wanted a burger and fries, press the 🍔🍟.
What about the chocolate ice cream emoji?
Don't press that!
Well, if that's what the customer wants...

And what's with dirvers?! It's called a "blind spot" for a reason! You can't see if there's a car there unless you check!
It's not called a "blind spot" because you're blind, although you probably deserve the handicapped sign in your window for being mentally handicapped!
That's one salty ham!

I'm going to have to start buying condoms again.
Have you tried vegan condoms?
Of course not.
Don't you care about the products that go into your ass?
Both have meat in them if used correctly.

Any New Year's Resolutions?
I'm going to detoxify.
What's the first step?
Get the **** out.

by ivytheplant
Okay, are you guys ready to begin?
I roll to begin our quest!
Oh FFS Jeremy, not this again.
Your roll failed, you run into the wall.
I can do this Brandon, let me try again. I roll to open the door.
Give it up, Jeremy.
Your roll failed. You break your leg on the doorknob.
I roll to crawl out the window.
I can't believe I gave up movie night for this.

by ivytheplant
That was a hell of a fight, man!
I mean, you really knocked them all right out!
The PTA will think twice before criticizing your cookies again.

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