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I amuse (I am Hughes.)
**LEGAL DISCLAIMER** Hughes. does not accept any responsibility for feelings of inadequacy brought on by the realisation that he is funnier more intelligent and better looking than you.

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by Hughes.
Shelley is tired of the smalltalk.
Look, are we going to get it on or what?
I don't know, I like the sexual tension, and if we actually did it, that would be gone forever.
You prefer the anticipation of sex to sex itself?
Well, no. The thing is, if I imagine I'm having sex with you when I wank, I get most of the benefits of real sex, but I don't have to get to know you or buy you drinks beforehand.
I get a lot if this.
If you have any photo's of yourself naked I could borrow, it would realy help. A quick squeeze of your tits wouldn't hurt either.
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