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What is the mysterious Hyde2k? Where does it come from? What does it want? What connection does it have with all the badgers lately. And did it really put out for the Laker's cheerleading squad? The answer is .... FISH!! Find this wise, do you not? Well, FUCK YOU and your cheap Japanese lighters!
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by Hyde2k
... a conversation
Have you ever noticed that comic artists make such senseless comics these days?
Oh, yeah! I think it's just because in the past 80 years or so, all the good ideas have been taken by other artists. There's really not much left in the sense of original ideas.
Exactly. It's as if all they can do for a cheap laugh is just make comics with a lot of ridiculous pictures and no plot, hoping that the reader will just assume it's funny.
Hmmmm. I wonder if there's anything to be done about it.
Weeeell, they could just make one comic to point that out and say "to hell with it."
Sure, but they'll probably just throw in a picture of a little girl and a stick figure in a trash can against a canyon landscape just to get a few cheap laughs.
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