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What is the mysterious Hyde2k? Where does it come from? What does it want? What connection does it have with all the badgers lately. And did it really put out for the Laker's cheerleading squad? The answer is .... FISH!! Find this wise, do you not? Well, FUCK YOU and your cheap Japanese lighters!
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by Hyde2k
And now for something completely the same, a conversation between two talking heads.
Hey wigga yo yo!
Kevin?! What the hell is up with you?
What?! wuz wrong, *****?
Your hair is gone!
Hello, and welcome to the end of the comic.
This is the end of the comic, when we try to convince you that this comic was not nearly as terrible as you know it was. ..... Uh, well, .... It wasn't. So there!
All your bases are belong to us! For great justice!
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